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A few years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to “The Daily Challenge.” I joined and receive a health-related challenge via email every day. There are thousands of other participants. Today’s Challenge was to describe how to use a whole grain product for breakfast. Often, the challenges relate to things I already do, as with this one. The challenges may include some type of exercise or something specific to look up information about (e.g., where to find a local electronics recycling place or what the symptoms of diabetes are).

Clicking “Done” in the message takes me to their website to describe how I did the challenge and indicate that my comment may be shared with everyone. Then I may be asked anywhere from one to three of the following questions (there are more, but these are the ones I remember):

  • Did you experience the following feeling during A LOT OF THE DAY yesterday: Sadness?
  • Did you experience the following feeling during A LOT OF THE DAY yesterday: Happiness?
  • In the last seven days, on how many days did you exercise for 30 or more minutes?
  • Did you experience the following feeling during A LOT OF THE DAY yesterday: Physical pain?

From that point, the Challenge gives me a grade for my wellness in specific areas (e.g., physical health, emotional well-being) and asks whether the Challenge was fun, whether it helped my well-being, etc.

Hmm. A harmless exercise…and sometimes quite good.

As a Christian who depends on God’s help day in and day out, at least I don’t have any reason to view life itself as a Daily Challenge. Life for me isn’t the shadowy existence represented by the far right photo above.

No matter what happens on any given day. It’s all in God’s hands. He may allow certain things to happen I’d rather avoid. But I have faith that He’s using everything for His—and my—ultimate good.

God is a loving Father. How could He not want the best for me—even when circumstances are less than ideal? The ultimate reward is yet to come.


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