Why Do I Live Here…Now?

Have you ever wondered why you born to the parents who conceived you or why you were born at this point in time? And why you were born and reared in the country–or perhaps even the countries–you grew up in.

I do, and I also wonder about my birth parents–who they were and where they were from. And why they were in the right place and time for my adoptive parents to take me home from the hospital.

As a Christian, I believe God knew all about who and where I was going to be, even before He created the world. So it’s no accident–nor is it fate or luck–that made me an American in the perilous, yet very exciting times we live in.

God could’ve targeted me for Old Testament times. In fact, if He’d wanted, He could’ve made me Jewish. He could even have made me one of the twelve brothers the tribes of Judaism originated with. Interesting thought. I hope I wouldn’t have been one of the brothers who was so jealous of Joseph. Or what if God had made me Joseph?

Too much to think about!

Living in the Holy Land during Jesus’s earthly life would’ve been great. Surely I would’ve been one of His disciples. Uh, or would I have been one of the scribes and Pharisees He spoke so harshly of? Would I have been one of the men crucified on either side of Jesus? Oh, no! What if I’d been Judas?

I’m not a history buff, but I’ve studied enough to believe there’s never been a perfect time in all of recorded history. (Not since the Garden of Eden, that is.) Every era has had its dangers, its villains and its heroes, and one or more nations wanting to be in control…or to wipe everyone else out.

I’m not sorry to be living in America in 2017 in spite of threats from North Korea…and from liberals who don’t appreciate what America stands for…and from the elected officials who don’t give a rip about about what “We the People” want. As long as I look at the numerous advantages I have, how can I dare to complain?

For whatever reason–He’s not required to tell me what it is–God chose to put me here at this point in time. Who knows? Maybe He even intended for me to make a difference, no matter how small. What a wonderful reason to be alive now!

Your comments are always welcome.

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More on When Compromise Isn’t Possible

Back when the Tea Party movement was in the limelight, I thought it was pretty cool. America had gone so far downhill I couldn’t blame other nations for hating us, and any movement to restore us to what we used to stand for was worth supporting enthusiastically.


The more I read about the Tea Party, the more convinced I was that their thinking had one major flaw. They were totally unwilling to compromise. It had to be their way–even though I approved of their way–or else. They didn’t seem to recognize that major changes take time. And often they can only be accomplished by taking baby steps in the right direction.

While I wasn’t certain what I thought of Mr. Trump during the early days of his gaining popular support, I’ve come to appreciate him more and more. While his actions thus far may seem a bit drastic at times, he’s only doing what he’s promised to do. Therefore we elected him to do those things–to do what it takes to make America great again–and I’m counting on Congress to make sure he does that sensibly.

Is Mr. Trump a man who’s open to compromise? I have to smile at the very thought. He seems to have strong convictions and doesn’t plan to deviate from them. I can’t fault him for that. But does that make it easy to get things done? Obviously not.

Because there are the people on the far left who have equally strong convictions. And theirs couldn’t be further from Mr. Trump’s. I’m not sure they even believe America needs fixing, and they certainly seem incapable of seeing the damage Mr. Obama did during his presidency. So those people are afraid of what Mr. Trump is trying to do.

Compromise between the right and the left? Do moderates stand a chance? Alas, it doesn’t seem possible. Not unless the media chooses the middle road: truth.

Please join me in praying that what is best for America will be done in whatever way and at whatever time God desires. How about leaving a comment?

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