A Pair of Pouches

CrochetedPouch LeatherPouch

I admit it. I’m a guy who carries lots of little things in his left jeans pocket. At least I used to. Two pocket knives, nail clippers, and a flash drive. Oh, and then there’s the packet of hearing aid batteries. None of those things are needed often, but I’d have trouble living without them. I’d feel only half dressed.

Silly? Perhaps. But I’m sixty-nine. Who cares?

My wife, Kathleen, has become quite a crocheter over the past two or three years, and I asked her to crochet a belt pouch for me to carry that stuff in. She used a type of thread, which made the job quite tedious, but the result was great. One later addition was a drawstring to keep it closed. Very functional and attractive. And it drew lots of nice comments.

It did the job nicely, but because I was afraid one of the contents might poke a hole in it, I put everything in a little leather case that I carried inside the crocheted pouch.

The pouch served its purpose well, though the belt loops needed repairing a couple of times. Finally, signs of wear appeared in other places. Kathleen had told me she’d never use that thread again…that my crocheted pouch was a once-only gift of love.

So I started fishing for a leather belt-pouch (after making sure retiring the old pouch wouldn’t hurt Kathleen’s feelings). I found some really attractive ones on Amazon, but one particular suede pouch looked like it might do the trick. It was only $13, so I added it to my wish list and received it for my birthday.

Beautiful and spacious! Might as well put my cell phone in there, too. Great to be able to retire the old phone case.

But there was a slight problem. The fit was tight enough vertically that the button the closing loop went around came off; the rivet made a hole in the front of the pouch when it pulled through. Although initially Kathleen managed to sew a regular large button higher up the front so there’d be a nice loose fit, we knew we needed something better looking.

We were visiting the Yarn Shop in Black Mountain recently when  I looked down at a box on the front counter. In it were some fancy buttons, including the one pictured above. And the best thing was it fastened with a screw-in rivet. Just what we needed.

We didn’t like the way the pouch hung down so low, so she re-positioned the belt loops. That worked great for a little while, but the thread started loosening and the loops started slipping back down. So I headed to Michael’s and found some screw-on rivets. Perfect!

So now my leather pouch is as  fully functional and attractive as I wanted. At a cost of $13 for the pouch, $11 for the fancy button, and $5 (I had a 50% off one item coupon) for a small bag of rivets!

Have you ever gotten started on a project that kept getting more and more complicated–and equally more expensive? How about sharing a comment?


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