Chocolate and Sweet Frog vs. Cold Stone




NOTE: I’ve updated this post to correct what I said about the stone work table at Cold Stone.

Kathleen and I both love sweets, but I’m the one who could live on a diet of chocolate if I could.

When a local businessman in Richmond started opening Sweet Frog frozen yogurt stores all over the area–and then to many other places in the country–we thought it was pretty neat. What drew us there initially was the creativeness of “Frog” being an acronym for “Fully relying on God.” Yep, a Christian-owned business that wasn’t afraid to identify itself that way.

I’d never tried frozen yogurt before, but I quickly fell in love with the small number of flavors I was actually fond of. That meant mixing chocolate and Irish mint.  Although the Irish mint turned out not to be a permanent flavor, I was able to make do mixing my chocolate with something else.

And the fixings bar was out of sight. I can’t begin to tell you everything they had, but suffice it to say a lot of it was chocolate. Even pieces of waffle cone that had chocolate coating. Yum!

We became friends with the manager and took advantage of our Sweet Frog cards to get one cup free with every ten bought. And I did a book signing there.

But alas! they quit having chocolate as a frozen yogurt option and have soft-serve chocolate ice cream instead. And I don’t like it! Yuck!

Hmm. If we’d ever been to the local Cold Stone ice cream place, I couldn’t remember it. But we decided to give it a try. Decidedly pricier, but oh, what ice cream!

Kathleen is good at Cold Stone, but not me. I get a small mint mint chocolate chocolate chip dish. I tried it once with a fully chocolate coated waffle dish, but it was too much even for me. But what a way to go.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cold Stone Creamery, each store makes its own ice cream the night before. When the customer places his order, the employee scoops the proper amount of ice cream for the desired flavor and dumps it on a specially cooled metal work table that keeps the ice cream properly cold while the employee smushes it  up and mixes in the other ingredients. My choice includes both chocolate chips, fudge syrup, and a brownie.


They keep smushing and mixing until it’s all properly mixed. Then it’s placed in the desired cup or cone.

I’ve never had better ice cream. Treating ourselves to Cold Stone costs probably just under twice what Sweet Frog cost, and it’s a lot less healthy.

I occasionally feel guilty about deserting Sweet Frog (or should I say desserting?)–we do go back occasionally, but I’ve been disappointed each time–but it’s our money and we deserve to get what we like.

Have you eaten at a Sweet Frog or a Cold Stone? Do you have some other favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt place? How about leaving a comment?


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