Whatever Happened to Smoking Pipes?

Whenever a doctor asks me if I smoke, I’m delighted to say no. But when he asks if I’ve ever smoked, I have to smile. Yes, I used to smoke a pipe. I quit thirty or thirty-five years ago, and I never smoked in what I considered a health-endangering way.

I loved the smell. Cherry-blend and walnut were my two favorite scents. I couldn’t stand to have smoke in my mouth–needless to say, I have no idea what inhaling pipe smoke would be like–and I sucked in only while lighting up. Otherwise, I blew the smoke out the bowl as if it were an adult bubble pipe.

Many kids go wild when they go off to college, but pipe smoking was probably the worst form of rebellion I ever tried. Needless to say, I never smoked when I went home to my parents’ house, and seldom did I smoke in public. I suppose I had at least a slight feeling that even pipe smoking wasn’t how I wanted people to picture me.

I had an interesting collection of pipes, but I want to mention one in particular. But let me point out first that I never smoked marijuana, nor was I ever around anyone who did.

I lived about sixty miles from Ocean City, Maryland, for a number of years, and once while looking at various shops along the boardwalk, I saw this really neat-looking little pipe. I had no idea what a toke was–or that that’s what that little pipe was. Because of its size and shape, I didn’t think it would make a good smoking pipe, but I thought it would be interesting to add to my collection.

So it sat there on the wooden pipe stand, collecting dust.

But then Jeff Coleman, one of the sons of my pastor, was visiting my apartment. He saw the toke and apparently recognized it for what it was. He didn’t say anything, but did his eyes ever light up. I didn’t think to ask why, but at some later date I found out about tokes–selling them openly in Ocean City had become illegal by then–and promptly threw it away.

Jeff, if you should see this post, please be assured that I have never used illegal drugs or any kind and I feel horrible about giving you that wrong impression.

I’m not sure exactly how old I was when I decided to quit smoking a pipe, but even these many years later I still miss the wonderful smells of my two favorite pipe tobaccos. But protecting my health and setting a good example for others are more important, and I honestly couldn’t imagine having the leftover smell hanging around the house forever.

Yes, I have an incense burner, and I use it maybe once a year–or every two years. But it’s just not the same.

What about you? Do you have any favorite ex-habits you’d like to make a comment about? We’d love to see them. Uh, the comments. Not necessarily the habits. *LOL*


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