Which Kind of Plant Am I?

zz-plant   pothos-plant   philo-plant

(left to right: ZZ plant, pothos, philodendron)

In my living room, directly across from my place on the sofa, a ZZ plant sits on top of the stereo. I bought it several years ago at Home Depot for a reasonable price. It looked interesting. Intriguing. Even though I’d never heard of a ZZ plant and knew little about its care, it was worth taking a chance on.

Have you ever had a houseplant that seemed to thrive on neglect?

That’s my zz plant. It remains equally healthy whether I water it once a week or once a month. And it seems to enjoy being pot-bound. Although it gets strong indirect light, I have no doubt that I could move it to a dark corner and see no loss of health.

To the best of my knowledge, the only leafy stem it’s ever lost resulted from somebody accidentally bending it. Can’t blame the plant for that.

I wish the pothos and philodendron growing in water and hanging on the wall behind me were as cooperative as my ZZ plant. But they’re at least surviving.

I view my houseplants as symbolic of ways to view old(er) age. I have a choice. I can view my life as a matter of simply hanging in there, like the pothos and philodendron. Or I can realize that I’m actually thriving now in spite of the fact that some of life’s circumstances make me feel slightly pot-bound.

I think I’ll choose to be thankful that I’m doing as well as I am. I can’t let my ZZ plant get the better of me. Or let my faith in God’s providence shrink. After all, He’s my gardener, and I’m happy to let my welfare be in His hands.

What about you? Are you thriving or just hanging in there? Are you letting God work in your life or trying to depend solely on your own strength? How about leaving a comment?


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