More on When Compromise Isn’t Possible

Back when the Tea Party movement was in the limelight, I thought it was pretty cool. America had gone so far downhill I couldn’t blame other nations for hating us, and any movement to restore us to what we used to stand for was worth supporting enthusiastically.


The more I read about the Tea Party, the more convinced I was that their thinking had one major flaw. They were totally unwilling to compromise. It had to be their way–even though I approved of their way–or else. They didn’t seem to recognize that major changes take time. And often they can only be accomplished by taking baby steps in the right direction.

While I wasn’t certain what I thought of Mr. Trump during the early days of his gaining popular support, I’ve come to appreciate him more and more. While his actions thus far may seem a bit drastic at times, he’s only doing what he’s promised to do. Therefore we elected him to do those things–to do what it takes to make America great again–and I’m counting on Congress to make sure he does that sensibly.

Is Mr. Trump a man who’s open to compromise? I have to smile at the very thought. He seems to have strong convictions and doesn’t plan to deviate from them. I can’t fault him for that. But does that make it easy to get things done? Obviously not.

Because there are the people on the far left who have equally strong convictions. And theirs couldn’t be further from Mr. Trump’s. I’m not sure they even believe America needs fixing, and they certainly seem incapable of seeing the damage Mr. Obama did during his presidency. So those people are afraid of what Mr. Trump is trying to do.

Compromise between the right and the left? Do moderates stand a chance? Alas, it doesn’t seem possible. Not unless the media chooses the middle road: truth.

Please join me in praying that what is best for America will be done in whatever way and at whatever time God desires. How about leaving a comment?

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More Political Now–More Conservative

Some of you may have read my post about my decision not to major in political science in college. Attending one political rally during an election year really killed my enthusiasm. And that was during the mid-1960s, before things reached the point of deterioration they’re in now.

Let me make a couple of things clear, however. I always voted in presidential elections and occasionally in state and local elections. But it was a challenge.

For most of my adult life, I would probably have described myself as “apolitical”–not interested in or concerned about politics.

I suppose, however, that I got at least a mild charge out of shaking hands once with soon-to-be Vice President Spiro Agnew.

Agnew. Wasn’t he the one who later had to resign his office to avoid prosecution on a bunch of nasty criminal charges? Hmm. Not someone to help build my confidence in American politics.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he served as VP under Richard Nixon. Need I say more?

Fast forward. Barack Obama was running for the presidency. He seemed like a pretty decent guy at the time, and I had no problem with the possibility of a black president.

But some people whose opinions I highly respected were dead set against him. And it wasn’t a racial thing for them, either.

Only when Mr. Obama took office and failed to live up to expectations did I regain an interest in politics. And whereas I had considered myself moderate in my outlook on a number of subjects up till then, I found myself becoming more and more conservative.

I signed up for email from a number of conservative groups. Boy, did I learn enough to discourage me. One of the most disillusioning revelations was the fact that most of the media I had counted on for truth were so much in the hands and pockets of the liberals that I would never learn anything bad about what was taking place in our country if I paid attention to them. Fox News seemed my best alternative, but they weren’t perfect, either.

Ironically, I’ve read that the BBC–the British Broadcasting Corporation–is probably the least biased news organization out there. Doesn’t say much for the United States media, does it?

The last few years have proven to be the time for me to assess what I believe about the United States.

I believe in the Constitution of the United States and the integrity of the men who created it. I believe–among other things–that the Constitution allows citizens to own guns. It also denies the President the power of making laws. I believe in and value the American way of life.

I question how many of our officials in Washington believe in the same things I do.

I also believe that the majority of Muslims are peace-loving. But the radical minority is the most dangerous threat America has ever had to face. Well, except for the people in Washington.

What am I really saying? And do I even feel safe in saying it?

America is losing her power and her status in the world, and her people are losing their freedoms at an alarming rate. Christians are treated as the enemy and homosexuals are treated as a long-mistreated minority.

I don’t belong to or support the Tea Party. Too inflexible. Neither am I a Republican. Too many broken promises by the very people I was counting on to turn things around.

The only thing I can count on is God’s ability to save the United States. The problem is, what reasons have we given Him for wanting to?

This post was originally much stronger. Much more critical of those in office. Should I have said more…or have I already said too much? Your comments are welcome.


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