Additives for the Soul

For years I had an unfortunate and unconventional attitude towards lawn mowers. I’d buy the cheapest one available and use it till it quit working. I never did any maintenance except for adding oil–I never changed the oil–and occasionally replacing the spark plug. Not only that, I never drained the gas tank at the end of the mowing season.

Why bother? It seemed like a nuisance.

Because I kept the mower in a shed, it would normally last four or five years being (mis)treated that way. I rationalized that the replacement cost was about equal to the total of yearly tuneups by someone who knew (and cared) more about it than I did.

Last year I started having real problems with the mower. It was acting even more sluggish than usual, and I had trouble keeping it running. No telling how often I had to restart it just to get the grass cut. As the end of grass cutting season approached, the mower had grown nearly impossible to start. Time for a new mower–just to get me through the last couple of mowings before cold weather.

The new mower was different from the old ones, though. It came with a sample of gas additive and some important information about why I should treat the gas with it. It seems that the ethanol in regular gas turns gas to water over a period of time–like from one year to the next. I had been using a can of the previous year’s gas.

Out of curiosity, I asked a mechanic friend’s opinion. Based on what I told him, he verified that the water in the old mower had probably done a serious number on the carburetor. Replacing it would have cost $75-85. In ignorance and laziness, I’d outsmarted myself.

So I used the additive to finish last year’s mowing season, drained the gas just in case, and disposed of what was left in the can. I bought fresh gas this year and put the additive in it. Not only is the mower working great, it sounds and acts like new, which it almost still is!

God didn’t design the human body to last forever, although proper care of the body is apt to add many additional years of life. But at the end, the body will die.

The soul is something else, though. It’s eternal. Even so, it requires proper maintenance. It can get too easily overgrown with sin and concerns about this world. Not the way God intended for our souls to be.

God has a special additive for the soul. If we read His Word, talk with Him in prayer on a regular basis, and worship with other Christians, God’s Holy Spirit can keep our souls functioning properly. We rely more fully on God rather than on ourselves and are less less inclined to give in to temptation.

Taking advantage of the gasoline additive is my decision based on past experience. So is allowing the Holy Spirit to keep my soul sound.

Is your soul in good working order or have you allowed it to grow unusable? You can’t replace your soul, but you can allow God’s Holy Spirit to work in your life and renew your soul and make it as good as new.


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