Wardrobe on Display…or Just Socks?


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My wife and I have a friend who loves photography. He takes hundreds of pictures and displays every one of them on Facebook. Not just the best ones, you understand. Probably every picture he takes. I hope he doesn’t have prints made. I don’t think he can afford it.

We get tickled at the fact that he tends to take pictures of his clothes. If he buys something new–he loves shopping for clothes–he posts pictures on Facebook. Before heading to church on Sunday, he lays out what he’s going to wear and–you guessed it!–he takes a picture and posts it on Facebook as well.

One of the nice things about Facebook is there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what he does. If his other friends are interested in seeing his clothes photos, more power to him and to them as well. I hope he doesn’t mind that we tend to ignore those posts. We don’t want him to think we’re disinterested.

We’re not. Not disinterested in him personally. He’s a really intelligent guy and he can be pretty interesting when his Asperger’s Syndrome symptoms don’t get in the way. But we love him in spite of them…and in spite of his photos.

I have to admit his clothes pictures once inspired me to take a picture of my favorite hats. Hats are my thing. Whether a driver cap style or an Australian Akubra, I’m almost never without a hat when I go outside. With no more hair than I have, I consider it a good health practice.

I actually posted an article about my hats a year-and-a-half ago, and I mentioned our friend then. I’d forgotten about it until tonight, and I’ll bet you don’t remember it, either. Old age in my case. I don’t know what your excuse is.

When I  asked my wife this evening for a blog topic suggestion, she said, “socks.”

Socks? She only wears black or white socks. Nothing gray. Nothing interesting or exciting. And surely an article about socks would be equally dull.

But, as she laughingly pointed out, socks are my thing somewhat the way hats are. They just aren’t as obvious to someone looking at what I’m wearing. She reminded me that I only buy socks that are really different. So I could and should make my article really different, too.

For years I wore two pairs of camo socks.  Plus other socks, of course. I found them on clearance for $.99 each at Old Navy. I live in a somewhat redneck area, and I figured they’d be just the thing–in spite of the fact I’m not a hunter.

I think that’s what got me started on wearing different kinds of socks. Yes, I still have some solid colored ones in the drawer, but I never touch them.

Oh, sorry. One exception. Our choir director likes for us to wear blacks and white shirts for the Christmas musical. So I grudgingly put on black socks to stay in her good graces.

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is the fact I’m colorblind. A red-green deficiency, they tell me. But I get mixed up sometimes (make that “often”) on colors I’m supposedly able to see accurately. That makes sock matching a challenge. Unless they’re distinctly different.

And therein lies my legitimate excuse. Let my wife say it’s because I write “quirky inspirational fiction” and want to appear quirky. But you and I know the truth…

I just have strange tastes.

Do you have a favorite quirky something or other? How about sharing that with us in a comment?


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Lids Off to Hats

akubras     caps

My wife and I have a good friend who has Asperger’s Syndrome. You may not be familiar with that condition, but it is a form of autism in which the sufferer has failed to develop socially beyond a certain point. He is apt to be super intelligent, and that’s certainly the case with our friend.

But one characteristic of the underdeveloped social skills is that he talks a lot about himself and doesn’t always remember to ask others about themselves. We tolerate that because we love him. We know it’s not his fault, and we understand that it’s not something he can ever be “cured” of.

He does do one thing that we can’t help but laugh at, though. He’s a real camera nut and takes hundreds of pictures. No, that’s not the funny part.

He does, however, tend to take pictures of himself a lot. (Must be his best friend actually using the camera.) Especially when he’s out shopping and trying on clothes. We’ve probably seen every outfit he’s ever tried on because he posts the pictures on Facebook. We also see photographs of the clothes he plans to wear for church that Sunday.

In all fairness, he also takes a number of pictures at Maymont, a beautiful park in Richmond, and posts all of them. But at least he’s not in every picture.

I hope I’ve made clear that I’m not writing this to criticize him. These self-centered activities are simply characteristic of a problem too few people are willing to learn to accept. My wife and I are thankful that we’re generally patient and accepting.

His intelligence amazes us, and he couldn’t be more personable in his own way. We enjoy being with him.

One thing I failed to mention is that he is a real fanatic about hats. And that’s something he and I have in common.

So I want to dedicate the rest of this blog to him by talking about of some of my hats, pictured above.

I can’t recall when I started losing my hair, but I’ve been a fan of hats ever since. And that’s been a number of years now.

I probably first started collecting them on my first trip to Australia (1991), when I got my first Akubra. Although Akubras come in many styles, they are well known for being made from rabbit fur felt. They are a bit pricy, but since they last forever, they’re well worth it. And, yes, they are available in some stores in the United States.

Although I’ve had other hats over the years–I seldom get rid of one when I grow tired of it–my current preference is for caps. When I was a kid, I wore the kind that has the bill snap. Now, however, I prefer the kind where the material is attached to the front of the bill. As a guy who’s always on the lookout for a bargain, I probably haven’t paid more than $15 for any one of the four I have.

Collecting hats is a reasonably safe hobby, although it may tend to irk spouses upon occasion. But my wife has come to accept the fact that my love of hats is part of who I am. She has as little chance of breaking my habit as we are of successfully socializing our Asperger friend.

I have several questions you might want to consider and post a comment in response to. Do you know anyone with Asperger’s Syndrome, and how successfully do you interact with him or her? And, on a less serious note, do you have a favorite collection of something that your spouse or friends think you are too seriously addicted to?


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