Slowing Down

Have you ever been riding behind a car that’s just poking along? And when you finally had a chance to pull around, you noticed the driver looked pretty ancient compared to you? And you felt like shaking your fist and yelling, “What business do you have to still be driving at your age?”

I’ve certainly experienced that. My father got to be one of those turtles a number of years before his death. I’m sure he didn’t realize that staying beneath the speed limit made him a hazard. Thank goodness I’m not that kind of driver, and I hope and pray I’ll never become one.

No, I’m not slow that way.

But I’ve never been fast. In fact, “rush” and “hurry” are NOT in my personal dictionary.

You think I’m exaggerating? In 1968 I served as the photographer for the staff yearbook at the place where I was working for the summer. That was my extracurricular job, though. I was actually one of the cleanup crew for the auditorium and classroom buildings at a Lifeway Conference Center in North Carolina.

I was what I suppose kind people would refer to as a plodder. I definitely didn’t work rapidly.

So when my fellow auditorium crew members started calling me “Flash,” they weren’t talking about my photography. They were making fun of my slowness in performing my job.

That was forty-eight years ago, and I certainly haven’t gotten any faster in the interim.

Fortunately, my slowness is physical, not mental. Yet it’s also a matter of attitude. I can’t stand to push or to be pushed.

All of that to say that I love writing posts for this blog, but working on them has become more and more of a problem. Coming up with two topics a week has put me in a bind I don’t enjoy. Especially when I’m less proud of some of my topics than I am of others.

Oh, no. I’m not giving up this blog. Many of you have been wonderfully supportive, and I need my interaction with you. But my wife–bless her heart!–has convinced me I would be better off (and so would you) if I limit myself to one post a week and am more selective about what I write about.

So today is my last Wednesday post. I’ll continue to post on Sundays. If you don’t already subscribe to my other blog, As I Come Singing, you might want to check it out HERE. I post to it once a week (on Wednesdays), and since I recycle those posts every three years, all I need to do is select an old post–they’re based on the lyrics of my original songs–and edit to improve them.

I want to thank everyone who’s been following this blog and hope you’ll continue to enjoy and benefit from it. All comments are  welcome.

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Aging Hasn’t Slowed Me Down


Aging hasn’t slowed me down. Not one bit.

Sounds like a rather bold boast coming from a sixty-seven-year-old man, doesn’t it? Well, it’s true.

You know why?

Don’t tell anybody, but I’ve NEVER been fast enough to be able to slow down. That’s why I chose a picture of a turtle for this blog post.

You don’t believe me? In high school it took me longer to run the fifty-yard dash than it took most of the other guys to run the hundred-yard dash. I just couldn’t go any faster.

I don’t know whether I was like that when I was a child, but what probably contributed to my slowness–I blame it on this, anyhow–was the fact that I had acute viral encephalitis while in the eighth grade. I was in a coma for several days. The doctors thought that even if I lived, I might end up as a human vegetable.

Well, I lived, as you can should have figured out by now. And I don’t think of myself as a human vegetable. I doubt that you do, either.

But I believe that my brush with death slowed me down some. Physically, at least. Maybe a tad mentally, too. Hard to say about that, though, since I earned wonderful grades in college and then again years later when I returned to college for twenty-four credits of computer programming classes.

I once had a summer job at a place that produced a summer staff yearbook, and I managed to snag the position of staff photographer. I also worked in the auditorium in a janitorial position. That summer I gained the nickname Flash, and it wasn’t because of my camera work. It was because I moved at my own speed cleaning the auditorium, and that speed was anything but fast.

“Rush” and “hurry” have never been in my dictionary. If someone tries to rush me, I dig my heels in and go even slower. If you doubt that, ask my super-patient wife.

Isn’t retirement supposed to be the time in life for a guy or gal to slow down and take it easy, anyhow?

Maybe. But since I’ve lived most of my life that way, maybe my current age is just the time in life when I can start getting away with how I’ve always been.

What do you think? Are you fast, medium, or slow? The comments section is just waiting for you to share that with the rest of us.


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