Talkin’ about the Weather

I wonder how many people can hold a conversation without saying something about the weather.

And why not? It’s something that’s with us constantly. We can’t get away from it, although when we’re snug inside our homes during winter or enjoying the air conditioning in summer, we can pretend the weather isn’t affecting us.

I’ll never forget Hurricane Isabel in 2003 and the effect it had on us personally. Like thousands of other Virginians, we were without electricity for almost two weeks. We visited Winn’s Baptist Church that Sunday because we’d heard they were holding a service even without power. Uh, without electrical power, that is.

But it was a spiritually powerful service, and we were really impressed at the end when Pastor Brauer asked people to divide up accordingly:

  • Those having power and willing to let people come take showers
  • Those having chain saws who would be willing to help remove problem trees

Then he told the people who needed take a shower or have a tree removed to go meet with one of those groups and get help.

Kathleen and I didn’t belong to Winn’s yet, and we didn’t realize how much longer we’d be without power, but the church was filled with such a loving spirit that I’m sure we would’ve felt comfortable asking for help.

We definitely couldn’t get away from the effects of the weather those two weeks. Probably every conversation included a lengthy discussion of Isabel.

When I was young(er), I used to say I preferred cold weather. When it’s cold, you can always put more clothes on, but when it’s hot you can’t legally take but so many clothes off, and even then you might still be too hot.

Now that I’m old(er), I find cold weather to be more debilitating. I don’t know why unless it’s just an age-related problem.

Yesterday we enjoyed a temporary heat wave–mid-thirties Fahrenheit, but it’s twenty degrees right now and only going to the mid-twenties. Even though we have heat tape on the pipes, we don’t trust it, so that means leaving a tiny bit of water dripping to keep the pipes from freezing.

See what I mean? I couldn’t even post a “normal blog post” today. I was so weather-conscious that I couldn’t keep from talking about it.

What’s your weather like? Do you have any particular preferences or dislikes regarding the weather? How about leaving a comment.

I’ll be back again on Sunday. If you’d like to receive my posts by email, go to “Follow Blog via Email” at the upper right.

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