Thoughts about Gun Control

Although I’m not registered as a Republican, I wouldn’t consider supporting a Democrat for any office. Not unless I knew him or her personally and was convinced of his basically conservative outlook…at least on issues that really matter.

With that disclaimer made, I’ll admit I’ve always approved of the rights of every American to bear arms. I’m surrounded by registered gun carriers at church, although state law prevents them from having their guns in church. I wonder if that applies to the pastor as well. Or our female choir director. Or the men who stand guard in the hallways Sunday morning and evening and on Wednesday nights. I hope not. I feel safer if all of them are armed.

I don’t own a gun, although I spent several years thinking about buying one. Even though the family budget never had room for purchasing a gun, I did take a concealed carry course. But when I learned how many places I wouldn’t be permitted to carry it, I started changing my mind.

But that wasn’t what really made me decide not to buy one. It was learning that using a gun to protect myself or anyone else depended on firing at the proper time rather than hesitating while deciding if I should. I’m apt to take time making up my mind on most decisions. That wouldn’t work with a gun.

I rarely act in anger. But “rarely” isn’t “never.”

I couldn’t take a chance.  Better for me to be injured or killed than for me to harm an innocent person, no matter how good my intentions were.

After the Las Vegas massacre, do I still think every American should be free to bear arms? Or has that changed my mind?

I definitely don’t think the crazies should have them, but who can be certain who the crazies are?

And I’m starting to question why the average person should have the right to stockpile guns the way the LV killer did. Or to buy certain kinds of weapons or types of ammo.

Since in theory it may be the government we ultimately need to protect ourselves from, the idea of a government owned registry of all gun owners and what they own and perhaps even why they own guns seems like a horrible idea. But what about a registry only of people who have the kind of weapons so often used is multiple shootings?

I honestly don’t know the answer. There’s a lot of truth in the saying, “Guns don’t kill people; people do.”

Samuel Adams said this, “The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” See other great pro-gun quotes here.

I guess the real problem is how to prevent non-peaceable citizens from keeping arms.

Comments are welcome, as always. Please just keep them peaceable.

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4 thoughts on “Thoughts about Gun Control

  1. I believe in the rights of all Americans to bear arms and an a gun owner myself, as well as a lifetime NRA member. I know many people who are avid gun collectors, as was my father. You can’t protect against crazy. There will always be people who do wrong. Neither can you live your life in a box. You have to factor in God. You die when it’s God’s time for you to die, and not before. He is certainly allowing evil to show our need for salvation. We need to protect gun rights. Do everything possible to assure gun owners are stable and responsible, pray, and leave the rest to God.


  2. I wanted to address this thought you made, “Since in theory it may be the government we ultimately need to protect ourselves from, the idea of a government owned registry of all gun owners and what they own and perhaps even why they own guns seems like a horrible idea.” Um, I know that some people feel they need guns to protect themselves from “the government” or some “tyrannical dictator” eroding away our rights, however you’re too late for that. The government has already eroded away our rights and didn’t need to bust down your door to do that. We live in a surveillance state, thanks to the Patriot Act and then the extension of that (Bush Admin). Habeous Corpus has been suspended under Obama, now all they have to do is say you’re a “terrorist” and poof! And this week alone the Trump administration reversed birth control for women, transgender discrimination, and the FBI’s target on “Black-identity extremists”, thats all being done while the media focuses on some trivial matters like whether Tillerson called Trump a moron (he did) or people actively voting/supporting these matters, without fully understanding it. So, no the government ALREADY took your rights, letting you bear arms is just a way so we can turn on each other instead of being a united force on those who oppress us.


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