A Little Thing that Seemed Big

If you’re like me, you often take little things for granted. But this little tale–do you believe I’m capable of posting something short?–is about about something small that proved to be both elusive and fascinating. What you’ll think of it remains to be seen.

My wife knits and crochets, and she’s made three sweaters for me and two vests. All of them are really super.

But the vests didn’t have anything to connect them in front, and my tummy was getting chilly. So she bought some frogs. Not the green hoppity kind, but the kind that makes the  join my vests needed. She sewed them on.

Great! Wonderful. Uh, except the loop sometimes slipped off.

So we went to Michael’s. I knew just what I needed, but neither of us knew what they’re called. It didn’t matter. They didn’t have any. So we bought a bag of beads, since a bead could slide over one part of the frog and usually hold it shut. Of course, it could slip off while hanging in the closet.

That worked pretty well, but I hated to give up on what I really wanted–a spring-loaded mechanism you push the end button down on while moving it where it needs to go. When you release the button, the spring holds the mechanism in place. Does that sound familiar?

As hard as I tried to find it on Amazon, I couldn’t come up with the right words for a match. Fortunately, my wonderful son-in-law responded to my Facebook request for help. He’d not only found the name, he posted an Amazon link for a package of them. Less than $3.00, if I recall correctly.

I was elated. But when I went to that link, I found other products of the same kind. And one was not only under $1.50, it had good reviews and came with free shipping. So I went with that one.

Interesting how long it takes something like that to arrive from China!  The gadgets were just what I’d expected, though. Very sturdy so far.

This was one little thing that meant a lot to me, no matter how insignificant it would be to most normal people.

What are these things called? Ha! It wasn’t a simple name, and–frankly–I can’t remember it. Why don’t you tell me what YOU think they’re called.  I’ll post the answer next week. All comments are gratefully accepted.



Still available:                   Coming soon:   kindle-cover

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