Obstructionists or Sore Losers?

Until recently my vocabulary had never included the words obstructionism or obstructionists. But I would have to be a total dunce not to recognize that the root of both words is obstruction. A roadblock of some kind, physical or symbolic.

A few days ago I came to a place where one lane of the road was blocked so some heavy branches could be cleared. But that wasn’t an obstruction. Road workers stopped cars coming from one direction to allow people from the other direction to get through. Then they switched. That maintained a fairly free flow of traffic.

No roadblock. Not an obstruction, but a workable compromise.

I can’t say how conservative voters would’ve reacted if Mrs. Clinton had won the election, but I’m reasonably certain we would not have been demonstrating violently or otherwise acting like unrestrained children.

I have to laugh at one thing, though. As  the election drew nearer, I caught myself thinking, “We need elections to be by popular vote, not by an electoral college.” Only after the election, which Mrs. Clinton won by popular vote but not by electoral college count, did my wife explain why the electoral college method is so important. Otherwise, the three largest cities in America could swing any presidential election, thus robbing some states from having a real voice.

Not good!

I can understand why people who think the way I used to were upset about the election. You’ll notice I said, “were upset.” How long can people go on protesting? Why can’t they get a grip on themselves and watch to see what Mr. Trump does?

Hmm. Could it be because they believe they’re right and that the majority of Americans are wrong? Especially us hateful conservatives.

Nonetheless, free speech is still important, even for the demonstrators and all who oppose Mr. Trump’s policies and decisions. I wouldn’t even think of trying to stifle them.

But the Democratic members of congress are something else. Rather than give Mr. Trump a chance to prove himself, they are such poor losers they’re doing everything they can to prevent him from succeeding.  If that isn’t the most selfish form of obstructionism I’ve ever seen, I’m not sure what is.

I would say, “Get in touch with the Democratic Senators and Representatives from your state and tell them what you think.”

But I won’t. I don’t believe they’d be willing to listen.

So let’s pray for them instead. They may think they have the ability to do as they like, but we know Who has the real power. More power than even Mr. Trump.

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