It Pays to Have a Clever Wife

During the years I’ve been posting to this blog, I’ve periodically mentioned my wife, Kathleen.  Always in a favorable way, I might add.

One thing I’ve referred to, but apparently never really talked that much about is Kathleen’s knitting and crocheting, although the May 15 post talks about a swap she made for something she’d crocheted.

I’m really proud of her skills, although she insists it’s just a matter of following the directions. And knowing how to count. Having to count on fancier projects occasionally makes her uninterruptible.

Although she did some crocheting in her youth, Kathleen got away from doing any for a number of years. Only since we’ve been married–we’ll celebrate our thirteenth anniversary in November–has she gotten back to crocheting and added knitting to her skills. Crocheting is by far her favorite, though; knitting gets to be a bit too tedious at times, not to mention harder on the hands and wrists.

Those are very good things to occupy herself with while sitting around in the evening while I write and the two of us periodically play Words with Friends. And  during those slow times at work that would drag on endlessly without something to keep her busy.

I’ve mentioned previously the wide variety of things she’s crocheted: everything from washcloths to bedspreads.

But what I want to focus on today is those special things she’s made for me. One of the first things was a phone pouch to wear on my belt. It looked great, but was hard to get the phone in and out of, and it eventually needed replacing with something sturdier–something made of leather.

The next two projects were vests made from multi-colored yarns:

othervest     bluevest

She also made me a burgundy sweater that proved so useful I eventually asked for a navy one:

burgandysweater     navysweater

And keeping up with those cold weather needs, she made a matching hat and muffler.


She made a pair of socks–yes, I selected the yarn, as I’ve done for all of the projects for me–with the understanding that if I didn’t like them she’d wear them. So she tentatively made them short. I’ve decided I really do like them, so she’ll lengthen them for me sometime between now and cold weather. These are definitely NOT summertime socks.


She just finished an afghan for me. I asked her to use rainbow colors, and she was happy to comply. However, because she has been using leftover yarn (a number of people have given her their leftovers, sometimes numerous skeins), she warned me that the colors wouldn’t be consistent throughout.


Although the stripes still keep alternating in the ROY G BIV (red-orange-yellow green blue-indigo-violet, if you never learned about ROY in school) pattern, each set of rainbow stripes may not be identical to the one before.

As if I mind! I’m colorblind. I still SEE the colors. I just might not be sure what they are except for the ROY G BIV consistency.

The things Kathleen makes for me are worth far more than the cost of the yarn. Love may not be measured in hours, but if it were, I would be wealthy beyond Donald Trump’s ability to count!

Thank you, Sweetie!

Does your spouse, significant other, or another family member have a special skill that benefits you personally? How about sharing in a comment?

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7 thoughts on “It Pays to Have a Clever Wife

  1. My husband reads books aloud to me. It might not be considered a”special skill,” but it takes effort to use one’s voice for extended readings so I appreciate that.

    I enjoy making knitted bean bags as a fun little something to give to people. They use up extra bits of yarn.


  2. My husband is a great painter, of course, so he keeps the house looking spiffy. And he’s a great fisherman too, so we can eat the blessings of those trips. Great post.


  3. Really nice to have a talented person handy. I like the socks a lot. Can she make me a pair size 16? My wife does not sew, or knit or crochet. and dislikes to cook although she can do it well. She paints well but doesn’t keep at it. What she does do excellently is sing and dance. I think all Colombian women know how to dance but my wife is unbelievable. She makes me look good on the dance floor, be it salsa, merengue, vallenato, waltz, joropo – you name it. And sing! She could do it professionally. So I enjoy those talents. It’s something that is at once beautiful and amazing. Me, I’m a poor dancer but no one looks at me when she’s around so I don’t mind when we go out.


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