To Knot for Naught or Not?

Okay. I admit it. I’ve never been fond of tying shoes, and the older I get, the more I actually hate it.

As a child, I didn’t mind. After all, tying shoes was a skill that had to be learned. So why would I mind practicing and perfecting it?

As a teen, I changed my mind. I didn’t have Bass Weejun penny loafers like most of my friends –far too expensive for our family budget–but at least I had a pair of dirty bucks with a mechanical, self-locking, external tongue. I hated outgrowing them and discovering that no one manufactured shoes like those anymore. I was stuck with lace shoes until I got old enough to (have to) buy my own shoes.

Loafers exclusively, I feel confident. And boots.

Now I have sandals, a pair of boots, and three or four pairs of loafers–mostly Sketchers. I know many shoes have Velcro now, but Velcro and I don’t get along ; I seem to wear it out faster than normal people do.

But I also have several pairs of walking shoes, and they have laces. I’ve always detested having to tie them, especially since that meant occasionally having to stop in the middle of a brisk walk to retie one.

That would’ve been more of a problem except for a trick my father taught me. I started trying to write down how to do it, but I decided a video would work better.

I can’t explain why that works or why it unties (when desired) just as easily as a regular shoe lace bow, but it does. If you end up with a knot when you pull the strings to untie it, you did something wrong.  Easy to do trying to follow even my video directions.

Even though it keeps strings tied quite nicely, I just quit using this method several days ago. In fact, I quit using regular shoe laces altogether.

When my wife requested a special set of elasticized shoe laces as part of her birthday present, I perked up and took a second look. They don’t require tying–at all!–and shoes  outfitted that way can easily be made as loose or as tight as the wearer desires…and slipped on and off just as easily.

ElaslticLace1     ElaticLace1a

Do they really work? Yes! But the ones I got for Kathleen have one elastic piece for each pair of holes and a plastic piece on both ends that lock together. I didn’t like that idea.

I checked Amazon and found something similar except for consisting of  a single long elastic lace and what I think is a more substantial mechanism for holding the two ends together.

So I ordered a package. Six pairs cost about the same as the single set I bought for Kathleen (she had four pieces left over–not enough for another shoe, much less another pair of shoes). The instructions for my laces were not elaborate, and the illustrations confused me at first. But once I caught on, I turned my walking shoes into comfortable slip-ons in just minutes.

ElasticLace2     ElasticLace2a

Did I make this switch because I’ve grown lazy in my upper years? Maybe. But who cares? For a small amount of money, I solved an irritating problem. (If nothing else, it takes less time and effort to get ready to go walking.)

If more important of life’s problems could be solved so simply!

Do you have a special way of doing something? Not necessarily something you dislike doing, but something you’ve learned to do more efficiently or found a good substitute for? How about leaving a comment?

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2 thoughts on “To Knot for Naught or Not?

  1. How funny. I too am a hater. Of shoelaces. Since I was humiliated at 5 years of age for not being able to tie those black Buster Browns I have done everything possible in my life to avoid laces.
    I own several sandals and some slip ons like Crocks, (my only ”shoe” shoes are penny loafers from Cole Hahn) slip on Sketchers and a few laced tennis shoes that I keep permananty tied and simply slip on and off. On the odd chance they untie I have the grueling task of retying them. I always put a double knot on them to be sure.
    It really is a trauma for me, especially when my kid asks me to tie his laces. I tell him to put his foot on my knee and do what I can to tie them up. His older brother wore nothing but velcro shoes for his entire childhood and never learned to tie shoes, I suppose.
    How funny. SO we are both haters…


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