Pet Peeves: Driving Related

One of the advantages of growing older is that some of my pet peeves from earlier years no longer seem to matter. In fact, you might say I’ve outgrown them. In truth, it’s more likely I’ve forgotten about them.

And one disadvantage of growing older is that I keep adding new pet peeves to the list.

Although I feel confident I’ll write about other pet peeves in the weeks and months to come, I wanted to share some that are driving and traffic related. Here goes:

  • I’m happy to yield to pedestrians in parking lots, even if they’re not in a crosswalk. Although I appreciate it when they wave to me in thanks, I don’t expect it. But what irritates the daylights out of me is when they cross in front of me without even looking to see if the way is clear. Oh, well. I haven’t killed–or even hit–anyone yet.
  • When the light turns green, I’m not apt to think to check whether somebody is running a red light from the side. This situation is even more dangerous when I or any other driver is clipping along at the speed limit and doesn’t have to stop at the light because it’s just turned green.
  • The former 7/Eleven (now a BP station) just around the corner from us has exits on two streets: Cedar Lane and Colonial Estates Circle. People don’t have any trouble recognizing that Cedar Lane is a real street and not part of the store exit. Too many of them aren’t that smart when it comes to Colonial Estates Circle, though. I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve had to slam on my brakes because an exiting motorist simply didn’t look to his right before leaving the BP parking lot. Yes, of course a stop sign would help, even though there’s no guarantee everyone would stop. At least they’d be warned, though. But who’s going to pay for one? Colonial Estates Circle is a private street.

DSC_1843     exit2

  • Another problem at the same place is people pulling out from the BP and blocking the entrance to Colonial Estates Circle. Because the residents entering Colonial Estates from the south have to make a u-turn and a quick right rather than a simple left turn, they’re not in a position to see at first whether someone is illegally (and foolishly) blocking their turn. Even though I haven’t seen any collisions there yet, having to stop with the tail end of the car sticking out and blocking heavy Route 1 traffic is a real hazard. A “Do not block roadway” sign would help, but whose responsibility would it be?
  • And I won’t even talk about drivers on a two-lane road who tailgate impatiently when I’m rolling along at or just slightly over the speed limit.

Okay. That’s enough griping for now. Thanks for letting me complain to you rather than to my wife for a change.

I’ll bet you have some pet peeves, too. Maybe regarding traffic, maybe about something else. How about sharing a few of them in a comment?

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4 thoughts on “Pet Peeves: Driving Related

  1. I have a peeve or two. Mostly my gripe is thatmost people are non-readers, non-thinkers. They are TV oriented. This makes them mentally weak, listless, unable to think clearly. Folks like that are in the majority and it ticks me off.


  2. While that doesn’t actually peeve me, Tom, I do find it highly regrettable. My wife and I own a TV–not a very big one–and use it only to watch DVDs or something from Netflix. We typically watch one old TV show that way per day and are perfectly satisfied. That’s not enough to weaken our minds, thank goodness.


  3. Wathcing TV doesn’t bother me. It’s the culture of total dependance on this type of media that I find irritating. It especially bothers me when I go to visit people and the put the TV on and hush everyone up as if the show were more important than anything else. geeeeeez…


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