Politically Incorrect: Do You Stand With Me?

My wife said it so perfectly I decided to share it here. “The world is upside down.”

I don’t recall when I first heard the term “political correctness,” but I’m sure I laughed. It struck me as one of the most perfect oxymorons I’d ever heard. The very idea of linking something that is often as improper and incorrect as politics with “correctness” in the same sentence seemed like a perfect contradiction.

Although I still feel that way, I’m not laughing anymore. Not when I can’t quote what the Bible says about marriage and homosexuality without being accused of being homophobic. And when I can’t say that Allah is not the same as the God of Judaism and Christianity and that Muslims will not be in Heaven. Not without being called Islamophobic.

Rather ironic in both cases since “phobic” means “suffering from an irrational fear of something” and I’m not afraid of specific gays or Muslims. I’m only afraid of the ones who’re intolerant of me, and that’s realism, not an irrational fear.

Furthermore, I’ve reread the United States Constitution fairly recently–in its entirety–and you know what? Nowhere does it give American citizens the freedom from being offended. You hear that, Mikey Weinstein?

History has provided some wonderfully apropos quotes. Sir Winston Churchill said, “Some people’s idea of free speech is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage.”

George Orwell, whose futuristic novel 1984 spoke of many things that seem to be coming true now, said, “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” And that freedom is what Americans are all too quickly losing.

I’m not advocating that we say mean things to or about specific people, but when has it become illegal to express our opinions openly about what we consider right and wrong? How ironic that Christians are condemned for that kind of “hateful speech” and yet those who accuse us of being hateful and intolerant are usually the ones being hateful and intolerant.

The Bible teaches us to love our enemies. Christians are to be recognized by their love. I take that seriously.

Hmm. When’s the last time I said or did anything hateful to a Muslim or a gay person? I would dare anyone to scroll back through my years of life and find a single time. My wife and I have made friends with several Muslims and have even had them in our home. Although we shared our faith with them, we were careful not to say anything offensive about Islam.

Fear of being called hateful? Not at all. Demonstrating Christian love. And being good hosts.

We attended a Gay Expo in NYC several years ago to visit a gay friend we might not have gotten to see otherwise.  A very nice fellow who was the roommate of one of my stepdaughters for a number of years. She brought another gay guy friend to my daughter’s wedding. We treated him just as we would any other guest.

Do we approve of the homosexual lifestyle? Of course not. But would we show animosity towards homosexuals?  I should hope not.

Disagreeing with people doesn’t mean hating them. Especially for us as Christian. Jesus had a reason for saying, “Love your enemies.” Not just because of the way Christians would be persecuted in His day, but perhaps looking forward to our own day and age.

Regrettably, some people who call themselves Christians are not recognizable as such. Perhaps their unloving attitude is the hatefulness and intolerance that others find so offensive. But they’re in the minority. And even though we disapprove of them, we don’t hate them, either.

Yet there seems to be no end to the hatred that’s targeted at us. And at anyone who opposes militant liberals. As Mat Staver, the head of the Liberty Council and a well respected Constitutional lawyer points out, “The day has come in America when we are facing overt hostility to Christianity, free speech, and freedom of religion through coordinated assaults by the Obama administration, extremist groups, and corporate bullies.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of political correctness. In a land where freedom of speech is one of our most precious constitutional rights, why should ordinary citizens like us have to walk on eggshells regarding numerous aspects of contemporary life?

What about you? Do you hate people just because they disagree with you? I doubt it. Do you fear the loss of our freedoms because political correctness has run amuck? Do you have the courage to stand up for what’s right–or what you believe is right–without fear of reprisal and without animosity towards those who oppose you? How about leaving a comment?


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12 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect: Do You Stand With Me?

  1. I absolutely love this post. I have so much to say my fingers are spastic with delight but I need to breathe deep, relax and put my thought in correct order in order to do justice to such a fine delineation of the weirdness of the US at the present. You are the man!


  2. Thanks so much, Tom. I wish weirdness wasn’t the correct word to describe the situation here, but it is and we must deal with reality. Reality as it’s existed since biblical times, not reality as the liberals are trying to remake it.


  3. I wanted to comment more on this post. However, if you have looked t my3 recent posts on FB they are a direct result of this post. I have a few other installments to make. I would like to hear your opinion of them. I think they are your fault. Thanks!


  4. Tom, I promise to take a look–probably tomorrow. I don’t do a very good job of keeping up with Facebook. If someone posts or messages directly to me or my timeline, I always see it and respond. Otherwise, welll… In short, I probably haven’t see your FB posts. *sigh*


  5. Well, I saved you the trouble. These are the 4 posts I have published. Hope to hear from you soon.

    I’m getting a headache. This usually happens when I’m deprived of chocolate or have been thnking really hard. I just finished a Hershey’s Special Dark bar but my cranium is seething. I’ve been thinking too much.
    What I’ve been thinking about is the election. And the state of affairs in the US. It’s a wonder I haven’t keeled over with an aneurysm. To me things look kind of spooky, crazy. I am gestating. No jest. I will probably hurt peoples feelings but they probably need hurting. (to be continued…)

    (a continuation of a post from 2 nights ago…)
    The people of the United States of America are an unusual collection of people. The founders of this country were mostly Europeans: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Irish. They included adventurers, criminals, religious folk persecuted in Europe, some poor and uneducated, some blue blood.
    These people blended into a unique clan that refashioned their lives to settle this ‘new’ continent in a way different from the aboriginal population. They were hard working, intrepid people who learned to adapt to a new life and unique circumstances unknown in their former homes. To settle this new land one had to be tenacious and at times head strong. Common sense and fearlessness were necessary in order to survive.
    It required new skills, new laws, a new form of government in order to successfully govern this territory. It demanded a certain independence from traditional European rules and laws.
    And thus was born the American character, a nation of businessmen. Brave, wily, hardworking and intelligent people with a zeal for work and a passion for innovation. Equity was paid for by sweat and a determined spirit. And the payouts were colossal.
    These things, these character traits, have been passed down in our blood, written in our genetic code, destined to animate us, the children of those earliest settlers. We now inhabit the land they claimed.
    But lately something seems to be going wrong. There’s a clanking sound in the motor or the greatest engine ever built. I’ve looked under the hood and it looks like the system has been damaged by PC, being politically correct. (to be continued further…)

    (a continuation from yesterday)
    I am a big fan of words. I study etymology as a hobby. I love words, their history, and possess many etymological dictionaries including the incomparable Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology.
    But I can’t seem to find much on the term Politically correct. Fortunately, I own a computer, too and know how to do GOOGLE searches. So I typed in ‘’what does politically correct mean’’ and up popped millions of themes.
    I grazed through a big handful of entries including the Miriam-Webster’s take on this phrase. One thing is for sure, there is quite a bit of disagreement as to when this clot of words entered the language. Miriam-Webster claims it first entered our lexicon in 1936 without giving a source. One curious find said it was a phrase included in a Supreme Court decision back in 1797! Others claim it came from Russia in the 30’s as part of a slogan to spread communism. I don’t think any of this has anything at all to do with the way we manage the word today. As usual, words tend to mutate and change their meaning more times than your cells tend to divide.
    So what does Politically Correct mean? As I am a big fan of Miriam-Webster’s and it is the go-to source for definitions used by the US Supreme Court, I will give their basic definition here: agreeing with the idea that people should be careful to not use language or behave in a way that could offend a particular group of people.
    Neat, Simple. Impossible to comply with. I’m a chef. I cannot make my food politically correct. I teach my staff that no matter how good we make a plate someone will show up to find fault. You can’t please everyone. SO we don’t try. We just make the food the best way we know how and let the chips fall where they may. We never squiggle through a day without some person saying they loved our pasta but absolutely hated the salad dressing. I actually stole this particular dressing directly from Thomas Keller’s ‘’The French Laundry’’ cookbook. It’s wonderful and I put it on many things beside salad. But some people hate it.
    For those folks who do not like our food I say there’s a big door over there and on the other side there are lots of other places to eat. I don’t need the headache of trying to please everybody.
    The same thing goes for living in this world as a unique individual. You or I, no matter how pleasant and sweet, will always find we have someone who doesn’t like something about us. It’s normal. There are people who hated Jesus of Nazareth and Gandhi was assassinated! I have been deleted from a lot of faceboookers. So enough of that.
    In fact, being ‘politically correct’ is actually a form of censorship. When a person is under pressure to approve of a certain lifestyle or at least keep his/her mouth shut about his true opinion for fear of offending someone or some group he is being censored. The media is the biggest culprit of this activity in the US. If one of their correspondents expresses an opinion different from the party line, he is usually terminated. See Curt Shilling as a recent example.
    It’s come down to ‘’ if you think differently than I do and I have an ax I’m going to chop you down.’’ Society in general is being shamed and pressured into accepting acts or situations that go against their common sense. Example: Allowing men who say they identify as a woman to use the woman’s restroom is a stupendously offensive example. If you don’t go along you are threatened (by the federal government no less), looked down upon as misanthropic or worse yet a Donald Trump!
    In reality, the media, the government and some groups are using this as intimidation in order to force control of thoughts and actions.
    The hypocrisy of it is is that those folks who demand you to think like they want you to are not being politically correct regarding you! They could care less about offending you but insist you are an unclean person for not thinking the way they say people should act. (to be continued…)

    (continued from yesterday…)
    I’m more of a writer than a chef. I studied to be a journalist. I’ve edited a few literary magazines as well as worked on a newspaper in California.
    I got out of that disreputable profession once I realized that the journalist is a paid thug. He does not report the news as he may see it. The way a newspaper works is the publisher has a point of view or agenda and sends forth his minions to uncover trash that will help him to sway public opinion, damned the truth.
    If you believe what you read in a newspaper let me tell you about ancient aliens and the power of the pyramids.
    You see, Despite the high ideals of our constitution that guarantees freedom of the press, it does not guarantee you freedom from lies. Mostly, the lies you read in the press are sins of omission. Not whole-cloth fabrications but stories slanted by what the writer ‘’observed’’. This slant being, of course, what his publisher wants to see printed. Later, in small print toward the back, are corrections or clarifications that are never noted by the masses. Note Katie Couric’s recent gaff. Oops! Sorry!
    What has this to do with PC? A lot. You see, people believe what they read or watch on the news. I was talking to my wife about Donald Trump. She being a Latina gave me an excellent opportunity to feel her out on the question of Donald Trump. She stated with complete surety that Trump is against all Latinos. I have seen the news and read what he has said and he is not against Latinos. He is against illegal aliens. (notice the shade of difference) There are many Latinos that support him. They too are sick and tired of the illegal immigrants who come just to game the system. But most of your duped liberals think Trump is against all Latinos. It’s a stretched lie. The read it in the news or saw it on TV.
    On the other side of the coin the conservatives are sure that Clinton is behind a great conspiracy to overthrow the constitution and deprive them or their basic rights. It’s just not true. It’s true she wants more control over the people and eliminate certain rights like the right to bear arms. But I do not think she wants to enslave the entire population of the US.
    And this is another place where PC comes in. It is politically correct to be on the side of someone who says all gun owners are potential murderers. Or at least, guns kill people so all guns should be outlawed. It’s a terribly flawed argument. I’m not going to get into the details but I have looked them over. It’s a deranged lie fomented by folks who want to take that right away from Joe Citizen. It smacks of Big Brother. The hypocrisy of it all is the very people who want to take that right away are covered head to toe by people with guns who use them for self-defense.
    (to be continued…)


  6. Tom, you often say it better than I did. Or should I say you say it the way I wish I’d said it?

    Let me assure you that I wholeheartedly agree that the media is not to be trusted. At a political rally I attended a few years ago I got a big badge that says, “Don’t trust the liberal media.” I don’t, but I also question some of what comes from the conservative media. However, if Todd Starnes says it, I take it quite seriously! *G*

    One thing I’ve long wondered about regarding illegal aliens is how legal immigrants feels about them. We have good friends who moved here from Brazil a few years ago. She’s American, but what hoops they had to go through, mostly getting permission to bring their adopted son with them. What do they think of illegals? I’m afraid to ask.

    While I agree that Hillary might not actually want to enslave the American people, I believe the vast majority of liberals feel the Constitution should either be scrapped or completely rewritten. But, as you’ve pointed out so clearly, the Constitution has enabled us to get where we are now. And without freedom of speech, where would the liberals be?

    Big Brother? All too real a threat.

    Your thoughts on political correctness are especially apt. And you’re so right about the fact that not everyone likes any of us. I can live with that. But the thought of being condemned because of what I believe in or profess is the height of offensiveness.

    Things have gone too far too long. The upcoming election is a scary prospect, no matter who wins. Unless something quite unexpected happens between now and then. Although I’m not very optimistic about America’s future, I do believe it’s in God’s hands. He has the ability to do the impossible and turn things around. But He also might have reasons for choosing not to.

    My prayers are for the impossible.

    Tom, I feel as if I’ve barely scratched the surface regarding your comments. But there’s very little you’ve said–if anything–I disagree with.


  7. I would be curious as to what your Brazillian friends have to say about it. It’s really an innocent question, curious. Me… I think too much. Lord help me survive my late night wrestling as I try to make sense of the world.


  8. I don’t know if you think “too much,” Tom, but you DO think an awful lot. More than I do, I’m sure. I’m not as concerned about making sense of the world as I am just trying to survive it.


  9. I highly recommend it, Tom. In truth, however, my faith in God’s decisions to always do what is best in His eyes is my real source of hope, comfort, and–yes–relaxation. I can’t claim to be worry-free, but I am totally certain that worry is totally unnecessary. 🙂


  10. Political correctness is a topic that has weighed rather heavily on my mind just lately. I’m concerned that it has evolved into a form of forced suppression or censorship. I have to wonder about the reality of individual freedoms when we are being forced to accept the cultural erosion of the US as we have known it and accept instead this global idealization as the new norm. Jade Joddle on YouTube describes political correctness as “a disease that closes down your voice & closes down your ears.” I think she might have a point.


    • Well said, LdyPintura, and thanks for sharing that Jade Joddle quote. We are all too quickly losing our freedoms in the United States. Once freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to bear arms are gone, prayer will be the only weapon we have left.


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