Why Vote?

I’ve visited Australia five or six times over the last twenty-some years. Wonderful country,  even if it’s become too Americanized in some ways. If you question that, you should turn on a TV set in Oz and see how many American shows are popular there.

But one thing comes to mind as different. Quite different. Radically different.

Unless I was misinformed or things have changed over the last few years, Australians are legally required to vote. Can you believe that? As much freedom as Aussies enjoy otherwise, they don’t have the freedom to refrain from voting.

Hmm. How would that go over in the United States? I can’t begin to imagine the specifics, but “like a lead balloon” is the cliche that comes to mind.

As far as I can recall, I’ve always voted in presidential elections, even when I didn’t like either candidate. And I probably voted in other elections periodically, but not as faithfully. To tell you the truth, after attending a political rally as part of a political science class in college, I was so turned off by the political party system that I changed my major to English.

I say that to emphasize that I think I understand how the common man feels about politics in general. Let’s see if I can sum this up accurately. The people in Washington are all crooks, and they don’t care what we think or how we feel.

They don’t mind taking more and more of our money, which they spend recklessly, and still run the federal debt up beyond our ability to comprehend. They don’t even obey the Constitution, much less live by biblical principles. No matter what they say, we can’t believe them. And state and local politicians aren’t always much better.

Is that how you feel? While I don’t believe it’s true of every elected official, I think we’ve seen far too much evidence of the validity of these complaints and many others as well.  For all intents and purposes, it appears that too many politicians view their offices as a permanent position–permanent as long as they can keep them. A career. And it seems they’re not afraid we’ll vote them out.

And why don’t we? Is it because we feel the situation is hopeless? Is it because worthier candidates are non-existent? Is it because even the candidates who talked a good talk to get elected have let us down completely–time after time after time?

If those things bother you the way they bother me, and especially if they keep you from voting, here are some things  to consider. The 2016 election will affect America’s future as no other election has ever done. We have the chance to turn this nation around. If we fail to, America may very well end up a third world nation. If not that, we could continue to lose our rights–freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms–all in the name of political correctness.

What Washington needs, no matter who runs and no matter who wins the election, is changed hearts and changed lives. That’s the business God is in.  But we still need to put the right people in office.

I urge you to research the candidates–and don’t trust the media for the information you need. A vast majority of the main media sources are in the pockets of the current administration, and you won’t hear the truth from them. But there are other sources…more objective sources.

I can’t tell you who to vote for, although I could be tempted to tell you who I definitely won’t vote for. But the freedom to choose is yours, and I wouldn’t do anything to deny you that right. If you do your best to dig through the political landfill dump and make the best informed decisions you can–and then vote–I’ll be satisfied.

Sorry if I got a little wordy today, but this subject is important to me, and it’s something I can’t remain silent about. Not when so many Americans don’t vote. Please share a comment…whether you agree or disagree. As long as you do it politely and respectfully.


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5 thoughts on “Why Vote?

  1. Here’s your choices: you either eat the pigs feet, the liver or the oysters or go to bed hungry. I chose hunger over eating something I detested.
    I know all the insipid patriotic arguements over to vote or not to vote. The thing is this: the system is flawed and I refuse to gutter-crawl. I like the Colombian solution. If you don’t like any of the candidates on the ballot then there is a space you can check that says BLANK. If the majority of voters choose BLANK then that slate of candidates are disqualified and a new election is called until there is someone the majority can stomach.
    Me, well, I don’t trust anyone who says they are capable to running the lives of 350 million people and a 3 trillion dollar budget without being tempted to do something untowards. It’s just human nature. First you help a friend with some small thing and then some pet project and before you know it you’re knee deep in trouble and the string-pullers are bending you ever a barrel to do their dirty work.
    SOrry for not heedig the party line but I cannot believe any of the candidates are altruistic, Jesus-loves-the-little-children-of-the-world faithful self-deniers. Maybe that’s being a cynic. I think it’s being realistic.
    I think Jesus’ return to planet Earth would be the only solution acceptable to me. Everything else is just woeful positioning in order to get their hands on power.


  2. A number of us would prefer Jesus’ return to planet Earth. And many of us pray for that daily. But in the meantime we continue to live on a sin-cursed planet where, even if our own sins seem minor, we’re far too adversely affected by other people’s sins. Especially politicians and immediate neighbors. I must admit your description of the Colombian way of holding elections sounds pretty nifty. I must admit my general lack of enthusiasm for any of the candidates for this year’s election, but I’ve settled on one who seems less dangerous than Donald Trump. But, well, we can’t always get what we want. I just wish Ben Carson had administrative experience. Oh, well! on that one, too.


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