Snow Is Beautiful, But…

I love to watch snow falling, especially when the flakes are nice and big. I’ve written previously about how I used to walk in the snow during college to buy a slice or two of pizza and eat it while walking back to my rooming house. Ever since then, eating pizza on snowy days has become a tradition.

But I’m the first to admit that snow isn’t always convenient.

I’ll never forget the Christmas my first wife and I were driving to visit her family in Illinois and stopped overnight at my parents’ house in Cumberland, Maryland. I don’t recall whether it snowed any before we got there or not, but it literally “snowed up a storm” that night.

The snow wouldn’t have been such a problem if we hadn’t received a call that night that Debbie’s grandfather had been killed in a tractor accident that day. But when we left the next morning, burdened by shock and grief, we found the road to Bedford, Pennsylvania, where we were to catch the turnpike, to be so impossible to drive–it took more than an hour to drive twenty miles–that we had little choice but to return to my parents’ house. The weather didn’t let up for several days, and–by no fault of ours–we couldn’t get to Illinois in time for the funeral.

That snowfall might have been beautiful from inside, but…

Another time when we were on our way to Illinois, this time for my former sister-in-law’s wedding, we again ran into snow. A very blinding snow. I have two very specific memories of that trip.

The first was of the interstate when it was so covered that we couldn’t even see the surface of the road. And there were no tracks to follow. We soon learned they’d already closed the interstate. Fortunately, we were right at an exit and the nearby Holiday Inn  had a room. Staying there two nights until the highway reopened wasn’t in the family budget, but we didn’t have any choice. I’ll never play Uno without thinking about the hours we spent there.

The other memory was of the strangest eighteen wheeler accident imaginable. You know how underpasses have support columns and then are apt to angle uphill at what I’d guess to be a thirty-to-forty-five degree angle from the roadway itself? Well, we passed a tractor trailer that had somehow slid and gotten wedged between a support column and the adjacent hillside.

We made it in plenty of time for the wedding, but still encountered snowy conditions that forced us to make a few strategic detours when we got close to our destination.

Beautiful snow, but…

I have another snow story to relate, but I think I’ll save it for Wednesday. Since the blizzard didn’t start until several days after I wrote this post, some of the story hadn’t happened yet.

What about you? How has weather–snow, rain, or whatever–affected you at times? How about sharing a comment?


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2 thoughts on “Snow Is Beautiful, But…

  1. I agree it is soooo beautiful outside but wow, what a pain to deal with when it’s this deep. Praying everyone stays safe!! Thanks for the post, Roger.


  2. Thank you, Tammy. Safe so far. We just spent about thirty minutes starting to dig out. Fortunately, this snow is so light-weight it’s not hard to shovel. Finding a place to put it is something else. In front of the neighbor’s parking spaces? Nope, I don’t think so! *LOL*


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