Life Matters–All Life

While I thoroughly agree with those who say that “black lives matter,” I prefer to take it one step further. A gigantic one. ALL LIFE MATTERS.

God is the giver of life, and He loves each of His human beings. Everyone is His favorite. He loves you as much as He loves me, and He loves me as much as He loves you. He loves the members of every race and nation equally. He even loves the world’s worst sinners as much as He loves His own Son. Some of you may disagree with that point, and I don’t blame you. But why would God the Father have sacrificed Jesus the Son for our sins if He didn’t love His human beings as much as John 3:16 says so beautifully:

“God loved the world so much that He gave up His only Son so that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.” (Bruner “translation”)

Let’s take those ideas a step further. He also loves the unborn child as much as He loves the newborn. And He loves the baby–I refuse to place less importance on the unborn by saying “fetus”–who’s been cruelly aborted as much as he does the old person who dies of “natural causes.”

He created us all, and He made us all to be the people we’ve become and have yet to finish becoming.

Hmm. Those of us who weren’t murdered prior to birth, that is.

I don’t know the circumstances of my adoption, but I’m sure I could’ve been aborted if circumstances had permitted; but abortion wasn’t as readily available or as widely accepted in 1946. And my daughter, born to a single upper teen in 1987, could have been far more easily aborted.

People may not look at my daughter and me and question what the world would’ve been like had we not been born. It’s not something I think about, either. But I want to believe that our lives have made a difference to the people who’ve known us and sometimes even to people we don’t even realize our lives have touched.

I’ve read far too many times that America began its drastic decline with the Supreme Court’s legalization of abortion and the subsequent “sexual revolution,” which in turn brought about the need for increasingly more drastic forms of birth control.  I can’t argue with that opinion.

For thousands of years, the Bible has been the standard of human behavior. “Do not commit adultery” just as easily translates to “Do not commit any form of sexual sin,” heterosexual or homosexual. And “Do not commit murder” applies just as validly to murder of the unborn, who are alive and human from the moment of conception.

I’m afraid history books of the future will look back on the current era as the time time when biblical standards were totally dismissed as old-fashioned and inapplicable. Not to mention “inconvenient.”

But maybe it’s not too late. Let those of us who still believe in biblical standards “step up to the microphone” and make our voices heard. Without regard to the intolerance of those who oppose us.

Taking a stand isn’t always easy. But are you on my side? Can you say with me, “All life matters”? How about leaving a comment?


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15 thoughts on “Life Matters–All Life

  1. Roger, I completely agree that ALL lives matter! I wasn’t aware that you were adopted, but praise God your biological mother chose the birth instead of the murder of her baby. I’m so thankful to know you and Kathleen! Both of you bear that consistent, quiet and faithful witness and are an inspiration to many of us. Love you both, my brother!


  2. Life matters. Life. That which is not inanimate. Is one sort of life weighted more valuable than another? I can’t say. Any living thing is a miracle despite our conceited belief that mankind is the center of all of Gods’ attention.
    I have to say that of all the things alive a mother with her unborn child is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I cannot and do not want to understand how it is someone can be so heartless so as to kill an unborn child, reach inside a pregnant woman and commit murder. It is beyond me and I will not attempt to try to understand. It’s pure evil.
    Whether God can forgive this is none of my business. Glad it’s not my decision. This goes for the many other atrocities perpetrated upon creation. I need to content myself with what I am responsible for and hope against hope that these things come to an end.


    • Tom, I so agree with most of what you said, but disagree about “our conceited belief…” I think that belief is based on what the Bible says about man being made in God’s image. And since man was given dominion over every living thing, I feel unconceited in my belief that mankind is of greater importance than the animals.


  3. Well I have to say that if we exterminate all other living things on the planet we ourselves will die. And maybe not just a physical death but a spiritual one as well. We are dependant upon the entire biome and without it we are doomed. So I don’t see us as ”above” the animals or plants or the bacteria and virus’ that inhabit our bodies to help them function. Nope. Sure, we have a brainy brain. In most peoples cases it goes unused and so shouldn’t be a point of pride. Either way, all lives matter. Life matters. Keep up the good work.


  4. Not even gonna try. Not my business to convince other people what to think or believe. Nope.

    However, I think my point is that we are a part of the world, not apart from it. We depend exclusively on this planet and it’s co-inhabitors or we would die. SO all life matters or we will die. That simple. I’m not a tree hugger but they are on to something although they go about it the wrong way.


  5. I think God did an amazing job of making everything and everyone in the Universe co-dependent. So we agree.

    Sounds like you’re pretty tolerant of other folks’ beliefs. I hope that doesn’t include ISIS. *G*

    I agree that it’s not my business to convince other people what to think or believe, but I think it’s important to state my beliefs in the hope others will see their importance and applicability to their lives. But the decision is theirs, and pressure would be the wrong thing. Sound fair?


  6. You and I are on the same page but different paragraphs. In any intellectual pursuit I think it is necessary to be frank and sincere or else there is no point to continue. What is more, as there are a multitude of flowers to enjoy I think a myriad of mental pictures of the world is equally beautiful.
    There are many things that to me are dangerous and ugly in the natural environment. The same goes for ideas that are downright evil or wrong. Isis would be one for me. As would abortions, rap music. Etc. Of course, it is not my place to make these people think like me. Nah. Just as I avoid high crime areas in certain cities I avoid these types of people. If they try to impose their vision of the world on me I certainly would protect myself. This does not necessarily mean violence. Prudence would be to get away as fast as I could.
    This post has evoked a lot of discussion because it is highly controversial. I like controversy.


  7. I’m less fond of controversy, Tom, but somehow with you it’s interesting rather than disturbing. *G* I also do my best to avoid the dangerous and the ugly. I’ve always been pretty non-confrontational, and I don’t think I’m going to change at this stage of my life.


  8. Controversy is not necessarily negative. It can be something that leads to benificial adjustments in life. What I distain are people who merely plod along obeying the status quo, not willing to think on thier own, accepting everything as inevitable, fate, their lot in life. I was branded a non-conformist by the nuns in a catholic school at age 5 because those people really want to control how you think and act. And they were right. I am a natural-born nonconformist. I’m not an activist by any stretch of the word, but I do not conform. I think for myself. In most societies this is a dangerous thing, especially in a homogeneous society like Germany or Japan or Colombia. Here I rattle the cages when someone dictates a decree and expects me to obey. I ruffle at that. I’m an ”outsider”. But I have my fans.
    I just can’t believe how excellent this world is and swoon with envy to think how much better it would be if people weren’t so stupid, trite, uncreative, lazy-minded, short sighted, checking their natural instincts so as to not make waves…
    Alas, I am hoping for the impossible. And there’s nothing I can do about it really, except complain, and that goes nowhere. Like my last post on FB. I got to the point where I realized I was wasting my time in a shallow marriage and made the painful but necessary cut. No sense in throwing my life away bored out of my spleen.
    All else is good.


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