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Okay. I admit it. I’m not only behind the times now; I’ve probably always been.

Specifically, the word “selfie” to describe a picture one takes of himself, usually with a cell phone, did not enter my vocabulary until several years after everyone else knew what the word meant. In most instances, I’m not sure I missed much by what I didn’t know, but that doesn’t change the fact I used to be totally ignorant of the word.

Very rarely do I feel the need to take a selfie. I think I know sufficiently well what I look like, and I’m not sure even my family and closest friends need a reminder from my cell phone. Well, perhaps the family members who live a distance away.

However, when I walk at the mall–as I did on this very rainy day–I do periodically note my reflection in various store windows. Especially those that are closed and don’t have any distracting merchandise to take away from my reflection. Or should I say without adding that merchandise TO my reflection?

I’m certainly not an egotistical man in general, especially about my looks. I hope I’m not so bad looking that little children point at me behind my back and ask their mothers what’s wrong with me. Or that teens look at me and laugh, probably thinking, “Boy! Are you old!”

But neither am I aware of women of any age looking at me and saying, “Wow!” (I hope that fact pleases my wife.)

Actually, the one thing I notice in my store window reflections is how much slimmer I am than I was just a few years ago. I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve dieted in my life and the total number of pounds I’ve lost. Or the number of pounds I ultimately regained.

But when my doctor pronounced me as officially diabetic and told me to count calories rather than carbs and to watch the scales, I took him seriously. During a year-and-a-half, I managed to lose fifty pounds, and–for once in my life–I’ve been able to keep them off. My diabetes is totally under control, and I’d be scared to regain any of my former weight.

An accomplishment like is worth observing in mall store windows.

At the top of this post are two selfies. Both were taken in the bathroom. One is a picture of the mirror reflection; the other is a cell phone selfie. Rather different, wouldn’t you say?

But there’s a more important difference than the picture quality between my cell phone and my Nikon D-3100. One picture shows me more-or-less the way I really look. The other is–guess what?–a reverse of what I really look like. It’s the way a mirror image is supposed to look.

So, yes, those window reflections accurately show my correct overall size and shape, but they don’t show the real me. Not the me other walkers at the mall see. Or my wife. Or anyone else who looks at me.

Like it or not, the cell phone selfie is a truer representation of my appearance.

No matter which way of looking at myself is more accurate, neither shows me the way God sees me. He sees me on the inside as well as the outside. He sees the person I am and the person I still want to become. Even while my body deteriorates with age, my spirit seeks to become more godly. More Christlike.

God sees that desire, and I believe it makes Him smile. And the thought of His approval makes me smile. Not at what I look like, but at Who I want to please with my whole being.

Are you satisfied with yourself at this stage of your life? What would you change? How about leaving a comment?


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2 thoughts on “Selfie-ness

  1. I’m wondering if the picture on the right is a selfie with the phone.

    I am non plussed by people who incessantly take and then post photos of themselves on Facebook. It’s a very unusual act. ”Here I am!.” ”Look at me!” ”Look at me again!” ”This is me in a restaurant!” ”how about me standing by somebodys’ car?” I see more photos of some people than I do of my wife and kid.

    I avoid the camera at all costs and if it weren’t for my wife there would not be a single photo of me except ”classic” photos of me in those wonder years.

    In Colombia lots of people like to take my photo because I’m a ”chef”, feeling it’s some important position. Sometimes it’s because I’m a north american and they treat you as if you’re a rock star. People go out of their way to shake your hand, smile, be your friend. I don’t go in much for that either.

    But you, taking a selfie… that’s a gas…


  2. You’ve got it! The one on the right. I had to crop the one on the left more closely than I wanted to to keep the Nikon from showing. *L*

    I can easily imagine that people in Colombia would treat you as somewhat of a celebrity–and that you wouldn’t overly care for it.

    I don’t avoid the camera, but since I’m generally the one taking pictures, I’m seldom even in pictures I’d like to be in. *pout*


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