Count Your Many Blessings

Are you familiar with the old hymn that says in part, “Count your many blessings; see what God has done”? Although I don’t hear it often–it probably sounds old-fashioned to people who’re more accustomed to today’s contemporary Christian music–it does pop into my head from time to time.

And for good reason.

As someone who takes seriously what the Bible says about every good and perfect gift coming from “above”–that is, being gifts from God–I place gratitude high on my list of priorities. Even the least of God’s gifts is far more valuable than I can ever  pay Him back for.

And if I could–if I needed to–it wouldn’t be a gift. Gifts have no strings attached.

One of my original songs goes like this:

What good can I do? What good can I say
That’s good enough to pay the Lord for loving me?
There’s nothing I can do. There’s nothing I can say
That’s good enough to pay the Lord for loving me.

What bad can I do? What bad can I say
That’s bad enough to keep the Lord from loving me?
There’s nothing I can do. There’s nothing I can say
That’s bad enough to keep the Lord from loving me.

So, what then can I do? What then can I say
To thank the Lord for loving me?
I’ll do everything I do. I’ll say everything I say
In the name of the Lord Who never stops loving me.

Any way you look at it, none of us deserves God’s goodness. His love and His mercy. His forgiveness. Life on earth right now and life throughout eternity.

If you know me–even if you don’t–you undoubtedly realize that I’m not very good at living my life in a completely God-pleasing and God-thanking way. I believe that’s true of all of God’s children, although some of them seem to do at least an outwardly better job of it than others.

One thing I never fail to do when I pray–something I do at least a couple of times daily–is to express my thanks to God. At the same time, I acknowledge that He is so much bigger–so much vaster–than I can possibly imagine. Compared to His perfectness in every way, my shortcomings, my failures, and my sins must look horrible.

Must look horrible? Not really.

Everyone who’s accepted Jesus as the Lord and Savior of his life has become a Child of God. So God wipes all of those bad things away from His sight. God loves His children. He provides for them–for us. Every good and perfect gift. We don’t deserve that. Not even the most righteous of people is as righteous as God. All the more reason to express our gratitude to Him the best we can.

Are you thankful for God’s provisions? Do you remember to tell Him? And to try to live in a way that shows Him just how appreciative you really are.

Please feel free to leave a comment. I’ll see you again on Wednesday.


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