The Glories of Morning Glories (Revisited)

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[NOTE: I wrote a post on this same topic last year, but today’s is quite a bit different. As if I don’t have the right to repeat myself! *LOL*]

It rained last night. A lot. And the weather forecast for today isn’t much better. Nothing falling at the moment, but the lack of sunshine makes today look like a bleary day. With very high humidity. A day to walk at the mall and not in the neighborhood.

Many people get depressed on days like this. They find it a challenge to make themselves do anything they don’t have to do. They would prefer to stay home from work and just snooze the day away.

I can’t say I’m like that. Not today, anyhow.

Going out this morning to get my daily diet cherry limeade (easy ice) at the neighborhood Sonic, I couldn’t help noticing the morning glories. We planted them at the base of the chain link fence at the front of our yard, and they have spread beyond our wildest imaginations. In addition to the seeds we planted this year, a number of them sprang up from seeds that dropped at the end of last summer and took root.

Someone recently pointed out that morning glories are considered “invasive.” I guess that’s why we also have morning glories growing throughout the pyracantha bush that towers over the front porch. (From being planted somewhere near the porch.) And why some have made the jump from the fence to the next-door-neighbor’s crepe myrtle tree!

As you can see from my pictures, the rain didn’t discourage the morning glories from blooming, and I think that’s a good symbol for the importance of maintaining a hopeful attitude on days like this rather than getting depressed or feeling lazy.

Rain will fall into every life. I’ve had my share, and I’m sure I’ll experience more as I grow older. But none of the bad aspects of life are so tragic that we can’t continue to count our blessings if we’re just willing to.

The Bible says that every good and perfect gift comes from above. I believe that, and I thank God daily for my blessings–His blessings. Nothing can keep me from appreciating the various morning glories He causes to bloom in my life.

What about you? Are you thankful for your blessings? How about sharing a comment?


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2 thoughts on “The Glories of Morning Glories (Revisited)

  1. I love morning glories. I cultivated them at a house where I lived in Cambridge. I had a wooden lattice on both sides of the front porch so I threw a few seeds around their bases. Every morning when they were blooming it was just amazing. It was getting to the point where I was getting a few hundred a day. They also gave me some nice privacy as the foiliage was so thick you couldn’t see past it. That was a blessing.


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