Fun with Windows 10

Like some of you, I was entirely satisfied with Windows XP. It worked for me, and I had very few complaints about it. That was on my old Dell laptop, though, a computer that eventually failed to keep up with my needs.

So I bought a new Toshiba Satellite a year or so ago, and it came with Windows 8.1–thank goodness it was 8.1 and not 8.0!  I didn’t need a touchscreen, but I didn’t have much choice. During the time I’ve had the Toshiba, I’m not sure I’ve used the touchscreen even once.

I switched to a blue tooth (wireless) mouse. Loved it! Of course, I had to click on the proper function key to disable the touchpad while using the blue tooth mouse, but that was no problem. And, yes, moving from one interface to the other was a nuisance, but the mouse had a special button for switching between the two.

I downloaded a free app that allowed me to shut down easily from the Desktop and another that emulated the old Start screen. Very useful. Very necessary.

I tolerated Windows 8.1–everything worked–but I certainly wasn’t fond of it.

So then Windows 10 came out, boasting to be a great improvement over 8.1. Although I knew better than to hop on the new train before the tracks were all laid, I took a chance anyhow.

Last Friday night I did the upgrade, and it ran smoothly enough. The installer provided good feedback about where it was in the process. So my hopes rose.

I know I sound like I’m getting ready to list a number of bugs, but I’m not. I really like Windows 10. Except…

  • My browser won’t recognize my password manager’s add-on, so I’m having to enter username and password manually for everything I use one for online
  • The function key for disabling the touchpad doesn’t disable anything, and that leaves me at the mercy of whatever happens on the screen when I accidentally touch the touchpad while typing; I wish you could watch me writing this post and see the cursor suddenly move to a different line–or a different window pop up!

Both of those problems will probably be fixed once the proper drivers and add-ons are available. In the meantime, I’ll just keep gritting my teeth.

But today has brought forth a new problem. My blue tooth mouse isn’t functioning, and I don’t know if it’s related to Windows 10 or if by some chance the thing has simply died on me. Interesting that its possible demise has occurred so soon into the Windows 10 adventure, though.

I’m glad I went ahead and upgraded to Windows 10, but I sure will be glad when I can function again as well as I did in 8.1

Have you upgraded? How did things go for you? How about leaving a comment?


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