If I Should Lose My Creativity

Nursing Home Drawing       Nursing Home Drawing 2

In December of 2012–it seems more recent than that, though–I wrote a song called I’ll Just Keep Praising the Lord. It talks about various blessings I could lose and yet still be thankful for the other blessings God has given me. One stanza says this:

I thrive on smiles and words of good cheer.
My hopes and dreams keep me looking upward.
My creativeness fulfills me and keeps my mind alert.
But even if I lose those blessings, I will not complain.
I’ll just keep on praising the Lord for being so good.

Creativeness. Creativity. One of the most important talents God has gifted me with. Especially for writing, but also for music.

I wrote my first poem in elementary school. And a few years later I wrote a satirical little poem based on the poem Trees. I don’t remember all of it–thank goodness–but it started out something like this:

I think that I shall never see
Anyone else who’s quite like me.
I think that I would surely faint
Unless he be some earthly saint…

Creative for sure, although probably worth forgetting.

As a pre-teen I wrote a short little book about turtles. I wanted to be a herpetologist–a biologist studying reptiles and amphibians.

In high school I wrote my first song. The folk trio I was in used it for our theme song. I started writing additional songs after graduation. I even wrote some musical dramas and a rock opera. Not to mention poetry, short plays and monologues, and a few other shorter writings.

Over the last nine or ten years I’ve written a dozen novels, three of which have been published. Info about all twelve is on my website. Amazon carries the published books.

I’m not boasting about what I’ve done. I just want to show you how important my creativity is–to me even if to very few other people. If I were to lose it, I hope I would still feel just as thankful to God for the blessings I hadn’t lost, but it would be tough.

I’ve mentioned in several other blog posts that I participate in a weekly nursing home ministry. I sometimes wonder what each of the residents was like before ending up in a nursing home.

But I wonder about one lady in particular. You saw the colored marker drawings at the top of this post? She did those, and I have them on my refrigerator–just as if they’d been done by my daughter when she was young. I have no idea whether she used to be visually creative, but I think it’s wonderful that she’s able to express herself in what many people would consider such a childish way.

If I should ever lose the kind of creativity I currently enjoy, I pray that I may find some other kind. Just as the lady at the nursing home has done. But if I don’t, I pray that I may lose my memory of ever having been creative.

What do you think? If you lost one of your talents, could you handle it well? How about leaving a comment.



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2 thoughts on “If I Should Lose My Creativity

  1. Creativity. Now, there’s an interesting idea. I agree you are a creative person. I think I’m like you.

    I wrote my first poem when I was 9. I remember it well. It was about a Green Beret who sacrificed his life in Vietnam. Since then there’s been a series of things that have come forth from my pen almost unwillingly. At times it seems I must write them down. Things just appear to me in almost complete form. I don’t know if I should categorize this as a gift or a talent or an obsession.

    Not everyone has this ability or necessity or responsibility or whatever you want to call it. I think most people are very uncreative, never forming a novel thought or expression. This is something I need to give more consideration because I’ve never really pondered it before.
    Another interesting post from Roger!


  2. Wow, Tom! I wish just the basic idea for new books came to me in a more complete form. It’s often months from the initial concept until I’m clear enough about the journey to start writing. And even then the characters sometimes take over and do what they want. *LOL*


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