Summer Comfort

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I grew up in parsonages–eight years in one, three-and-a-half years in another, and five years in a third. Although I was in college after that, I lived in a fourth parsonage off-and-on until after graduation.

I mention parsonages specifically because–unless things have changed drastically, and I pray that they have–they are notorious for their lack of amenities that the homes of most church members have. And generally a lack of adequate upkeep.

But I can’t really blame the lack of air conditioning on the fact that I lived in parsonages. I grew up slightly before the time air conditioners became readily available.

I have fond memories of the window fan that seemed to run all summer long and the individual smaller fans placed in strategic places throughout the house. And of course there were those adjustable slotted wooden devices that could be placed in open windows with the windows themselves closed down against them, holding them firmly in place.

Once I was out on my own, I lived for a while in an air conditioned apartment. What a wonderfully comfortable change!

But then I had to move–and ended up in a third floor apartment with no A/C. I’ll never forget those hot August nights when I would tiptoe down the steps to the second floor landing and zonk out on a sofa there. Still quite hot, but bearable.

Flash forward to more recent years. Like most of you, I’ve had air conditioning for so many years–it took forever to get my first car A/C, but I doubt you can buy a car now without it–I can’t imagine ever having to go back to the “good old years” that were anything but good, at least in terms of summer comfort.

But comfort can still be an issue. Where two or more family members disagree about what temperature the A/C should be set on.

Doesn’t matter, though. I can deal with sleeping beneath a blanket during the summer months to keep from freezing. But who would ever have thought that would be my version of “comfortable” at my age?

What about you? Are you in control of the temperature of your environment? How about leaving a comment?


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