The First of Two New Novels that “Tell it Like it Is”

If you’re old enough, you remember a wonderful expression from the 1960s. “Tell it like it is.” Of course, we English teachers officially hated it because it wasn’t grammatically correct. As much as the rules of grammar have changed, however, who knows whether it would be acceptable now?

Nonetheless, “Tell it like it is” is a very apt description of two new novels (not yet released) I’ve been privileged to read and review. Both of them deal with issues that people get really worked up about.

One is abortion. The Breeding Tree is a dystopian novel about a future society that believes that its job is the perfecting of the human race. So it uses “creation specialists” to further refine the process. Imperfections are not to be tolerated. So abortion is a common practice, even when an imperfection is only highly likely.

Abortion for them is different, though. Woman don’t have babies. They don’t get pregnant. In fact, their eggs are harvested soon after birth and fertilized artificially whenever a baby is needed. This society has perfected the concept of “test tube babies.”

While learning to become a creation specialist, Kate sees babies at various stages of development. But then she witnesses–in fact, she must participate in–the killing of imperfect babies. When she discovers that one of her eggs was used without her knowledge to create a baby that is scheduled to be terminated, she starts to see her society’s practices in a different light.

If you want to learn what Kate does, read J. Andersen’s The Breeding Tree when it releases in September. It’s available for pre-order now.

I’ll tell you about the other book on Wednesday.


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2 thoughts on “The First of Two New Novels that “Tell it Like it Is”

  1. Sounds interesting… and a different take on Huxleys BRAVE NEW WORLD. Abortion is one of those ugly practices people do with theirs hearts and eyes shut. Glad I do not have to participate in any of that evilness. It’s none of my business what other people do and I don’t like snooping around other peoples trash to find out the dirt on them, be they homos or druggies or polititians. But I get close to drawing the line with abortiionists.


  2. Abortion is definitely an ugly practice, and the videos about what Planned Parenthood has been doing is helping to bring that fact to light. I agree that most of other people’s dirt is none of our business. But the unborn are not simply fetuses; they are babies, and killing them is still killing. Why do women have the right to abort and prevent their babies from having the right to live?


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