My Three Favorite Cards of All Time

For some unknown reason I’ve been thinking about some of the great special occasion cards I’ve received over the years. Although I’ve had a number of good ones, these three stick out. Probably because they’re the only ones I still have.


bday      bday2

Shown above is a birthday card from Mary Jane Bolling, who was my department director for a few years while I was working at the International Mission Board. I was not only pleasantly surprised that she sent me a card at all, but especially so at its humor. I never fail to laugh when I look at it. Thanks again, Mary Jane, wherever you may be.


Kristi card 1     Kristi card 2

Next is a father’s day card from my daughter, Kristi, the summer after she graduated from high school. Within a few weeks, she was on the way to college far, far from home. I’ve edited out her personal greeting just because it’s between her and Kathleen and me. Nothing improper, though. Thanks, Kristi, for that loving–and very humorous–card.



Twins at WMU Founding   

The third card isn’t a greeting card, but a postcard depicting the founding of the Women’s Missionary Union of the Southern Baptist Convention. Not quite as strange a thing for me to have and share as you might think. One thing my father shared with me often enough for me to remember is the fact that his mother and her twin sister attended the WMU’s founding meeting as little girls.

So, yes, you really do see a set of twins there at the bottom left. Abby and Mariah, but don’t ask me which is which.

What makes this all the more interesting (to me, anyhow) is the fact that the men were off meeting elsewhere, making a decision not to allow the women to organize. Ha! Didn’t work.


My great grandmother, Abby Manly Gwathmey, was the mother of those twins and quite a few other children as well, and–until recently–my wife and I continued to sleep in the bed she gave birth to them in. (We only quit using it because it’s very high and we didn’t want our miniature dachshund to endanger her back by continuing to jump off it.)

Abby Manly Gwathmey became one of the early presidents of the national WMU organization, and rumors are that the WMU would love to have that bed. I can’t imagine what it would cost to move something that huge and that heavy, but if they would be willing to foot the bill, we might be willing to give up this historical (and probably very valuable antique) heirloom to preserve it where it will be fully appreciated.

What about you? Have you received (or perhaps bought for yourself) any special occasion cards or postcards? How about leaving a comment?


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