Growing More Conservative (Part Two)

Politics and religion are two other areas in which I’ve grown more conservative over the years.

I once wanted to be a high school civics teacher. I gave that idea up after attending my first political rally.

I’ve never lost my belief in or my appreciation for the Constitution, though. The older I get, the more I see its values being trampled at every level of government–from the Presidency down. The founders of this nation knew what they were doing, and they abided by the laws they’d established. They knew what would happen if the Constitution was ignored. I can only picture their tears of outrage if they were alive today to see how far we’ve fallen.

I used to be more moderate in my Christian beliefs. Although I’ve always believed that a true Christian should accept certain basic doctrines–the virgin birth, Jesus’ miracles, His death and resurrection, and His ascension back into Heaven–other things seemed less important

Like whether God created the world in seven earthly days or seven periods of time. And whether He created Adam outright or used evolution to build up to the first “real” man. And whether some biblical teachings related only to the culture of the day and not to today.

I’ve been sliding slowly but surely further into the conservative camp on those issues, too. If the Bible is true–and I believe it is–it must be accepted as true from cover to cover. No one has the ability to say that we should obey this, but ignore that.

So when Christ said that He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life–the only door to God–He was saying that Christianity is the only true religion. I believe Jesus’ claim, and that makes me uber-conservative. So I have no choice but to reject the claim that all religions are equal.

If you want to comment about this post, please do so respectfully. God loves us even when we disagree with Him.


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2 thoughts on “Growing More Conservative (Part Two)

  1. SO you don’t subscribe to the Leopard Theory regarding the bible – that it’s only inspired in spots! Good for you. Either you accept the whole divine library or none of it. Common sense. It’s like saying I only love my wifes eyes but the rest of her I distain.
    As far as writings are concerned, the bible has many unanswerable enigmas as well as some of the most interesting history and poetry ever written. I am not one to judge the truth or fiction of some of it’s claims. However, if someone claims to be a Christian it seems only logical they would accept the whole pie, not just slices. People who tell me they are christian but believe things not written in the bible and do not believe things written there are, to me, fools. It’s that simple.
    Good for you, Roger.
    And all this ugly nomenclature about being ”conservative” or ”liberal” or whatever – it stinks. If Jesus were alive he would not let himself be pigeon-holed into either of these categories. Why should you? You’re a sweet, loving man with various talents and shortcommings. You have a set of beliefs that pertain to you and your God and no one else should opine as to your standing with your faith. Who are they to judge?
    Me? I’m a cordial enigma with no inward conflicts. I love the created world and the things in it. I think having fun is the only lucid plan for living. I want to love and be loved and think that most people have no idea who they are or where they are going. Glad that’s not my problem.
    Nice post, as always.
    Oh, and I had a question for you. You’ve read some of the things I write on FB no doubt. I would like your esteemed opinion of how you would caracterize my strengths and weaknesses, what is good and what is bad about my writing. What do you think about my style?. You are a qualified professional as a teacher and an author. I need some direction as I feel poised to begin my book. Thanks.


  2. Tom, sorry it took a while for me to get around to responding to your comment.

    Your point about people claiming to be Christians while not accepting all of the Bible and/or accepting “extra-biblical” writings instead or in addition to makes a lot of sense.

    I used the conservative label as a convenience for this series of three posts. Since they originally started out as one that was WAY too long, I chose to keep the title since it had at least inspired the other two posts.

    Interesting thought about Jesus not allowing Himself to be pigeon-holed. In truth, He was probably viewed as pretty radical.

    Thank you for the nice things you had to say about me. I’m quite interested in the way you described yourself, as well.

    I’ll be happy to work with you regarding your writing. Overall, I think your writing is straight forward and well thought out. My only two suggestions–at least regarding what I see here and on Facebook–have to do with a small number of misspellings (I once got back a test paper in college with the comment “Amazing spelling for an English major” written at the top beside the grade) and your paragraph length.

    Acquisition editors and readers like to see lots of white space. I’ve made it my personal policy not to allow a paragraph run more than five lines in Word. I think a writer can usually find a good place in a longer paragraph to break it into two (or more) separate paragraphs.

    I’ll be on the lookout for other suggestions.


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