Sacrificial Love

It makes me sick to hear of women having abortions because their unborn babies are deformed or handicapped in some way. If those women are even capable of love,  giving the babies up for adoption would be the more humane thing to do.

There are people in the world who have enough love to care for handicapped children. Much better for the children than growing up with parents who continually gripe because their handicapped children are “inconvenient” to care for.

But what of babies who appear to be perfectly healthy and normal at birth, only to show signs of being handicapped months or years down the road? Do the parents cease to love them because of that? I would hope not, although I’m sure it happens in some instances.

When I was writing The Devil and Pastor Gus, B.L.ZeBubb (the Devil) was complaining about handicapped children. Gus responded with this story about a couple from his church, a true story about a couple I used to be close friends with:

“Handicapped children aren’t an embarrassment. A sweet couple from church lost a severely disabled daughter some years back. Requiring round-the-clock attention, she was exceedingly difficult to care for, and her folks lived in a permanent state of physical and emotional fatigue. Spiritual burnout plagued them at times, too.”

Gus pretended not to notice B.L.ZeBubb smiling gleefully at his mention of spiritual burnout.

“But were they relieved when she died? No way. They couldn’t have grieved more over the death of a healthy daughter, and they still remember her fondly these many years later.”

That couple’s self-sacrificing love for their daughter still inspires me. And it always will.

Self-sacrifice? Isn’t that what love sometimes involves? How can you have love without at least a willingness to sacrifice?

Probably the best definition of love I’ve ever heard is “wanting what’s best for the other person–and being willing to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to bring that about.” My friends’ sacrifices couldn’t change their daughter’s handicap. But they didn’t let her handicaps change them. They gave their all for her.

Several  Sunday nights ago, a young lady from my church who was barely out of her teens died from health problems that could not be cured. I barely knew her, and I don’t know her parents at all. But one thing I’m sure of. They know the meaning of sacrificial love.

Ellen Masters, I’m thankful to have known you ever so slightly and to have had the privilege of praying for you for years. I’m sure your parents did everything in their power to keep you alive and return you to normal health. But, in this case, sacrificial love meant having to let go when nothing else would help. We believe you’re in God’s presence right now, whole for the first time in years. I look forward to getting to know you better when my time comes.

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4 thoughts on “Sacrificial Love

  1. Abortion. What an ugly topic. I don’t think I’ll say much about it because it is an evil act perpetrated by evil people. With birth control so readily available and cheap there is absolutely no reason for abortions. As for abortions based on the idea that the child is deformed in some way or the mother was a victim of rape… well, life is tough. I have a few birth defects. Some are just worse than others. Where do you draw the line? ”I want to kill my baby because he’s different.” sounds so… Satanic. I know folks who have aborted their kids for a variety of reasons and not one of them is happy about it.

    As far a sacrificial love is concerned: any decent parent sacrifices for his offspring – healthy or not. I know folks with apparently normal kids who are driven mad by how the little monsters act. I think part of that problem is the form of child rearing used. There are some really sweet kids with enormous problems and it isn’t such a burden if you have the right point of view, And that point of view is not that you wished your kid was Cary Grant or Marylyn Monroe. (who, I think, is in no way decended from president James Monroe) If you recieve each person as they are then there is no problem with comparisons, which are usually deadly.

    Me, I’ve always wanted more kids. Love them and like to have them swarm around me. I wouldn’t consider it a curse to have kids around me all the time, even some with problems. However, I’d have to admit that it would be preferrable to have a child closer to the center of the bell curve rather than at the extreme left of the bell. But I’ve always played the hand I have been dealt. That’s just me.


  2. I do not have enough material to keep a blog up. Your blog, however, is so… wonderful. So many ideas. The range of topics is interesting and has seemed to find a place in my mental delight zone Always look forward to the next post even if we do not always share the same point of view. I think it’s the writing I like.

    Me, I love to write but hardly have the time. So I peck and scrawl and add squiggles where I can. But a blog? I need to get serious about my book.


  3. Tom, I certainly can’t fault you for your excellent taste. *G* You wouldn’t believe how hard it is coming up with things to blog about sometimes. I’m just really tickled that they delight you.

    I certainly understand about the time factor as it relates to what you can’t write. But do realize that if you wrote one page a day for a year you’d really have something when you finish?


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