Never Too Old for a Good Snooze

I’m getting drowsy right now. Ready for my afternoon nap. But I felt the need to at least start working on this blog post. While I didn’t have a subject five minutes ago, I’ve kind of just yawned my way into one. Let’s see if it works.

By this time of day, I’m normally ready for a change of scenery. After staying in the living room all morning (except for a ten-minute run to Sonic for a large diet cherry limeade, easy ice) five mornings of the week, that could mean getting outside. Cutting the grass. Picking up something at the grocery store. Checking out what’s new at Barnes & Noble. Taking a walk. Any of those activities would qualify as a change of scenery.

But in my retirement years I’ve come to prefer taking a nap. A simple siesta on the sofa in the living room. With Happy–the happy miniature dachshund–snuggled up on my lap. Or between me and the back of the sofa, depending on how I’m lying.

Getting to sleep isn’t normally a problem. I have relaxing music playing in the background, and that helps me tune the rest of the world out. Not counting phone calls, which I have little control over but a wonderful capacity for ignoring. No wonder. Practically none of them are personal.

I don’t normally sleep long. Half an hour is normal and forty-five minutes is almost unheard of. These naps don’t usually leave me groggy, either, thank goodness, but they do leave me refreshed and ready to get something done.

I remember too well when my daughter, Kristi, outgrew her nap-time as a child. Having her awake all of the time sometimes proved to be a real chore.

At least I don’t bother anyone else whether I nap or not. I’m just thankful I can enjoy those snoozes and hope I never get too old for them.

Until I take that final nap, anyhow. But I’ll be heading into the pearly gates of Heaven at the end of that nap.

What about you? Do you enjoy an occasional siesta? Do you have a favorite day and time for one–for example, a Sunday afternoon nap? How about sharing with a comment?


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2 thoughts on “Never Too Old for a Good Snooze

  1. Ah, Nap time. Or better yet: the siesta. I am in the country of siestas. Where I live there are hammocks strung on almost every veranda you visit. Yes. In the heat of the tropical day a nice hammock and a slight breeze is all I need to doze and spin off into a fairyland of peace and reverie.
    It is refreshing to snooze a bit to pass the heat away. And someday I, too, will shuffle off this mortal coil and the thousand natural shocks flesh is heir to. (I’m out of step here). To die, to sleep, perchance to dream… There’s the rub. Heaven. I think there are certain places right here on Earth I would catalogue as heaven. How I love the water. A brisk, natural pool at the end of a tree swing. or a seat inthe forest canopy high up enough to catch the breeze and wag back and forth with the gusts. The valley and the flatsheet of children’s flowers. The salty brace of the seaside and the sounds of boats knocking on the pier… oh Yea…
    I don’t know if I want to give those things up… at least I’m not ready. I like this life. I like women. I like children. (Please don’t tell me there will be children in heaven as if going there stops the growing process and you are a baby forever in heaven.) I have read how there are neither male nor female in heaven and don’t care for that either. I want to live and smell and taste and feel and hear.
    But most of all I want to love. I want to touch other people and be touched. Connect. Enjoy. Share. Explore. This is what I want most of all.


    • Enjoyed reading your comments, Tom. Great to know I’m not the only snoozer in the world.As for Heaven, even though I believe it’s an actual place (presumably in some other dimension), I believe being in the very presence of God makes it perfect in a way no place on earth can equal. Good point about babies/children in Heaven. There are so many (conflicting) ways to interpret Scripture that I won’t try to dissuade you from some of what you believe about that. But I do believe love will be foremost in Heaven. And the freedom from sin, pain, sadness, grief, guilt–you name it–will only make Heavenly perfection feel more perfect, if such a thing were possible.


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