Vinyl What? (part two)

IMG_20150403_142356046If you read my post from this past Wednesday, you already know that I’m talking about record albums, which I recently discovered are being made again and found some of for sale at my local Barnes & Noble store.

As an adult, I especially enjoyed my parents’ college graduation present, a subscription to the Columbia Record Club. Are you old enough to remember that? By signing up to buy a certain number of albums over a certain period of time, the subscriber could select a huge number of free albums starting out. That really got my album collection going strong.

My musical interests became more eclectic over the years. I fell in love with the music from Windham Hill’s multitude of talented artists, although I’ve always regretted–no, actually, I’ve always resented–the fact that the music industry labeled that kind of music as “New Age.” I preferred the designation of “Yuppy elevator music.”

My record collection outgrew the available indoor storage space, so I moved a number of albums to the shed. A shed that wasn’t leak-proof. Many of my favorites were ruined when the covers got soaked and stuck to the records themselves, but some were salvageable.

When my first wife and I divorced, I helped her move some things to a storage facility–a water-proof one! Since most of my albums were in the way at the time, I put them in storage along with the things my ex- was taking to Illinois.

Only too late did I realize I’d failed to rescue them before the move. Almost all of my albums went to Illinois, where she gave them to her uncle, who sold them at yard sales. Gone forever were my seventy or eighty Windham Hill albums.

Although I missed my records, I was joining the CD craze, so it wasn’t that much of an issue. Not until I found out how many of the old albums weren’t available on CD–oh, do I miss the Charlie Bird album, Delicately!–did I realize the extent of my losses.

Fortunately, I still had some of my albums, and one of the best presents I’ve ever gotten was a record player that connects to the computer and allows mp3 files to be created from records. It does a fantastic job.

Tell me. Will I return to Barnes & Noble to spend two to three times what albums used to cost? And would you? How about leaving a comment?


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