On Creating a Sci-Fi World


I recently became friends with Yvonne Anderson through LinkedIn when I noticed that she serves as the secretary at the church I attended during my college years–and that she’s also a Christian novelist.

But our fictional worlds couldn’t be further apart. She writes what is now known as speculative fiction. Something most of us are more familiar with as science fiction. My writing is–pardon the pun–more down-to-earth. But that doesn’t mean mine is more realistic.

Yvonne has written a four-book series about a planet called Gannah, and–assured that the books are readable as stand-alones–I started with the most recent, The Last Toqeph. I found it to be imaginative and totally engrossing. So much so that I’ve bought the first book in the series so I can start back at the beginning.

Yvonne and I have been corresponding about our writing lives, and she shared some things about her Gannah series I thought some of you might be interested in.

“I didn’t just sit down and create Gannah in one sitting. I lived there for years while writing Book #1, then had to continue the series because I found so many fun things I had to share, too much to fit in one book.

“Besides that, when I started Stars, I planned for it to end with Dassa entering the Hall of the King. But too much had to happen first, so I had to choose another ending. Planned to finish up Words in the Wind with Dassa doing that, but… same thing. Just too much to squeeze into one volume, so I embarked on a third. And realized that, once again, I’d have to settle on a different ending.

“I was determined to finish with Book #4, but the problem was, I didn’t know what it should be about. I only knew how it ended. So I wandered around the planet for a quite some time, looking for something that would make a good story, and then — much like Adam in his wandering — I stumbled upon an Old Gannahan who’d survived the plague. I was almost as surprised as Adam was! But unlike him, I wasn’t appalled. I said, “Oh, how cool!!!”

“All this to say, it was a long process. The more time I spent in Gannah, the more I learned about it. I suppose all speculative world-creators are the same in that regard; these things unfold gradually.

“When I published Toqeph, I said I was done with Gannah and was ready to put it behind me. But then I republished Stars… and Ken Raney is putting the finishing touches on the new cover for Words in the Wind, so I’ll be republishing it soon too… and it seems like I’m bound to Gannah forever. But really, I don’t intend to write any more in the series. There’s always more I could write, but I think it’s time to move on.”

I know some of Yvonne’s comments haven’t made sense to you, but–if you’re like me–they’ve at least gotten your curiosity up. Although you can get print copies at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the Kindle versions are the best bargains. I haven’t checked prices for the other books, but book one, The Story in the Stars, is just $0.99. Check it out HERE.

Are you a Sci-Fi fan? Or have you run into someone connected with your past, even though you don’t know him or her? How about leaving a comment?


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The Devil and Pastor Gus, is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Family Christian Stores. Go HERE for links to those places.


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