The Bruner Breakfast Sandwich

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I love Egg McMuffins, but I never eat them. Too fattening.

But I’ve come up with a breakfast sandwich of my own that is–to say the least–is both tasty and low calorie and low fat.

I use the “light English muffins” that come as a store brand. Under $2.00 for a package. One reason for this choice, however, is they are higher in fiber than many other brands of English muffins: 9 grams. And just 90 calories.

Then there’s the Sargento’s reduced fat Swiss cheese, which is made with 2% milk and weighs in at 30 calories for the half slice I use. I buy the nine-per-package and use only half a slice.

I don’t have a turkey bacon package to check, but I’m sure one slice of that is no more than 40 calories.

Then comes the egg: egg whites that are 25 calories per serving.

Finally is the no-fat, no-calories spray margarine.

Were you keeping track? Just under 200 calories for a filling and tasty breakfast sandwich.


Here are the steps.

  1. Tear the English muffin apart and toast it
  2. Tear one strip of turkey bacon in half, wrap the two pieces flat in a paper tower, and microwave for 30-35 seconds. Even if you prefer crispy bacon, you don’t want this bacon crumbling and falling out.
  3. Spray the muffin with the margarine and put one piece of Swiss cheese on each half of the muffin as soon as possible after toasting. That helps to melt the cheese just a tad. Lay one piece of turkey bacon on top of each piece of cheese.
  4. Spray a ramekin or similar dish with cooking spray and pour one serving of egg whites in. Microwave 50-55 seconds. Sometimes the result is nice and flat on top, but sometimes it’s quite odd-shaped. Tastes great either way.
  5. Remove the egg with a fork (or whatever) and place it on either side of the English muffin.
  6. Salt and pepper to taste.
  7. Eat and enjoy.


I used to use a Jimmy Dean product, turkey sausage crumbles rather than the turkey bacon, but our grocery store has quit carrying it.

Have a favorite recipe? How about sharing it in a comment?


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2 thoughts on “The Bruner Breakfast Sandwich

  1. Roger! Spray margarine??? No!!! I think the idea of English muffins, Swiss cheese and turkey bacon are great… but spray margarine??? Oh, the pain…

    As for a favorite recipe… hmmm… impossible for me. Maybe the rcsipe I am most proud of at the moment, or that I like the most today… the thing is: I am a food freak, sir. I do not exist between the normal margins of food society. I cannot go to a restaurnat and not critique what I’m eating – good or bad. I realize the shame some may feel if I go to a place of eating and the waiter says they are selling me a filet miñon and it is not that cut of beef but another, similar, but cheaper cut. This actually happened to me in an Outback Steakhouse. I refused to eat it and refused to pay and preferred to go to another place. well, that’s my rant for today… Hi1


    • No, Tom, for me the pain would be having to take the extra step of spreading margarine. And the funny thing is I probably wouldn’t miss it if I didn’t have margarine at all. I’m pleased that was the only part of my recipe you disapproved of. *G* Your expertise with food and how it affects your eating other people’s cooking–especially in a restaurant–is very much like how it is for me as an author reading someone else’s book. I used to be far less discriminating. *LOL*.


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