How Old Is Old?

On one of my mission trips to Australia, I learned what has become one of my favorite jokes. It goes like this:

A Jew was visiting Australia, and his Australian host was having a great time showing his guest around. “Over here,” he said, “is one of our old buildings. Twenty-five years old.”

The Jew nodded politely.

His host pointed to another building. “And this one’s really old. Fifty years.”

Again the Jew nodded politely.

Then the Australian beamed and pointed to another building. “And this one is our oldest one. One hundred years old.”

At that, the Jew nodded politely and said, “I can hardly wait to get back to Jericho and tell the fellows about that one.”

Of course, you don’t get the joke unless you know that Jericho is an ancient biblical city.

I live in a very historic part of Virginia. Our area was settled by European colonists long before the first convicts were sent to Australia. Not far from Richmond, which is historic in its own right, is Williamsburg, founded as the capital of the Virginia Colony in 1699. We consider that to be old.

But in 1992 I went on a mission trip to the Pembrokeshire area of Wales and saw lots of castles. Castles that dated back to the 11th and 12th centuries.

Whoops! Who says Williamsburg is old?

I guess age is in the eyes of the beholder, huh?

What is age to you? How about leaving a comment?


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