What Glitters More Than Gold

WeddingRing    OnyxRing    GoldBracelet

A few weeks ago–maybe it’s actually been months–I talked about Virginia Center Commons, the mall that’s about a mile up the road from us, the one that has seen so many store closures in recent months and now houses some unusual places. Like a Henrico County Police substation.

One thing I probably didn’t mention is that there are still five jewelry stores in the mall, some higher class than others, but all reputable to the best of my knowledge. Could you imagine the competition among those places? No wonder two of them seem to have permanent liquidation sales going on and a third has changed hands and names fairly recently.

As I was pondering those stores during a recent walk at the mall, I couldn’t help thinking about how expensive jewelry is. Posters in the stores make $2500 for a diamond ring sound like a bargain, and maybe it is.

But why in the world do people buy such expensive jewelry? Have they run out of practical things to spend their money on?

Or are they in such a rat race to compete with their neighbors that they feel justified in making such huge purchases? Do they think having better/more expensive jewelry than their friends and associates makes them more admirable?

Do they think an expensive piece of jewelry will give them satisfaction–at least until they eye an impressive, even more expensive item?

I honestly don’t know, and the answer probably wouldn’t be the same for everyone, anyhow.

And I suppose it’s not my business to question or criticize how people spend their money.

But one thing I do know is why the jewelry I wear is special to me. The braided gold ring at the top left of this post is my wedding band. Not the most expensive, but not the cheapest, either. As pretty as I think it is, however, the sentiment glitters more than the gold itself.

The middle picture is of a black onyx ring I bought while we were on a cruise to the Bahamas, where jewelry is considered to be a real bargain. I’d had other rings, including an onyx ring, but none of them quite seemed right for me. Not only do I love the looks of this one, but the memories it brings back of my wife’s and my only cruise gives it a special glitter–in spite of the scratches on the stone itself.

And the bracelet on the far right? A gift from my wife in honor of my first book publishing contract. That was something worth celebrating then and continuing to celebrate every day. A different kind of glitter.

Maybe I’m wrong to question people’s tendency to buy expensive jewelry. Maybe they–some of them, anyhow–have just as special a reason to buy it as my wife and I did. And equally special reasons to wear it.

What about you? Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry? Do you have a fondness for jewelry? I’d love to hear what you think. Please leave a comment.


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