Right to Life

I’ve never wanted to be a politician. Politicians never please everyone, and they often seem to cave to the loudest voices rather than to the ones that are morally and ethically correct.

Nonetheless, some politicians do pay attention to their electorate—the very people who put them in office—and attempt to do the right thing, even in the face of strong opposition. I commend them.

In the November elections, We the People elected Senators and Representatives we believed were listening to us. In doing that, we sent a clear mandate to Washington about what the majority of Americans think about key issues.

Especially the need to honor and obey the Constitution.

I hadn’t read the Constitution for a while, but I skimmed through it a few minutes ago. Nowhere did I find the familiar “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” No wonder. That’s in the Declaration of Independence.

Nonetheless, no civilized nation permits murder to go unpunished. “Thou shalt not kill” is one of the Ten Commandments God gave Moses, and it applies just as much to America as it did to the Children of Israel long ago.

The issue seems to be “What is murder?”

Sounds silly to even ask, doesn’t it? The answer is obvious. Taking someone else’s life.

But what about war? Killing is taken for granted there.

I’ve heard it explained that God never forbade His people from killing their enemies. The Bible is filled with numerous examples of them doing that.

What about capital punishment, though?

I suppose one might say that the judicial system is executing the enemies of law and order. I’ve heard better explanations, but I don’t recall the details.

Finally, then, what about abortion?

Hmm. The Declaration of Independence is not a legal document. Not in the sense the United States Constitution is.

But if murder is “taking someone else’s life,” then the abortion question is one of  “At what point does someone become a person?”

Back in the days when I felt more neutral about abortion, I hadn’t yet seen any of those graphic pictures of the development of a baby at various stages of his or her life. But I’ve seen them time and again in recent years, and no one can convince me that unborn babies are not yet “persons.” Persons with human features. Persons who can feel pain by the time they’re twenty weeks old.

So I have no choice but to consider abortion the killing of a miniature—but a very real—person. Not the killing of an enemy in war. Not the killing of an enemy of law and order.

But the killing of a person whose continued presence is—at least in most cases—simply inconvenient.

I’m not unfeeling, however. Where rape, incest, or the health of the mother is involved, I’m not nearly as adamant in my opposition to abortion. But even then, abortion is still the killing of a very real person.

God never stops loving his children. He forgives everyone who confesses their sins to Him and asks forgiveness. I believe that is true of hardened criminals who repent and seek God’s forgiveness, and I believe it’s equally true of women who’ve had abortions and ask God’s forgiveness. But He doesn’t free them from the consequences of their actions.

I wonder how God feels about the unrepentant law makers who fail to take We the People seriously. Those who place political expediency above their promises—and above the civilized standard of not committing murder.

They, too, must ultimately live with the consequences of their decisions–including the loss of support from We the People.

[NOTE: My daughter is adopted. I cannot imagine how different–how less wonderful–my own life would have been if her birth mother had aborted her.]

Abortion is a hot topic. While I hope you will feel free to leave comments, I ask that you do it in a thoughtful and civilized manner.


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4 thoughts on “Right to Life

  1. Well, you know, when David committed adultery with Bath Sheba she became pregnant. In order to hush it up David sent her husband to the frint lines so that he’d get killed and then David could take Bath Sheba as his wife and the resulting child would be ”legitimate”. However, according to the bible, the Hebrew god saw things differently and announced that the baby would not live. As a punishment for their sins. ( I kinda have a problem with this)

    We know that in the ´´old´´ testament, that is to say, Hebrew portion of the bible, the law was ”an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. However, if folks were fighting and someone struck off or damaged a persons reproductive organ it wasn’t like for like in that instance. Nope. Because reproductive power is something even the angels do not posess and is not to be trifled with there was another punishment meted out.

    Accidentally killing an unborn child was also an offense in ancient Isreal.

    In our day we have the ability to see into a live uterus the unborn in all it’s stages of growth. In each stage a human embryo is growing and maturing to be a person. It is not a cow or an elephant or dog. It’s a human. Even in cases of incest or rape it’s a human. If you think it is admissable to kill a human then aborton is ok. If not, then you won’t kill the unborn child. It’s so simple it’s ridiculas that people can’t or are unable to make such a distinction.

    I think the question is not weather it is morally right or wrong to kill an unborn baby but rather are the people involved in these sorts of things rational, just, loving humans. It’s that simple.


    • Well thought out as usual, Tom. Thank you for sharing.

      By the way, I’m not sure that God was actually “guilty” of killing Bathsheba’s child to punish David or whether He knew the child was going to die and laid the blame for it on David’s sins. Also, my denomination believes that anyone who dies before reaching the age of accountability will automatically go to Heaven. So for us, Bathsheba’s child was better off dying than living.


  2. I didn’t think God is guilty of killing this unborn child as in the sense of slaying it. Nope. I think he did not extend the priviledge of life to this unborn child as a stern lesson to David that his actions would have consequences. David being king needed to learn that abusing his position would not be tolerated. The same went for his son Solomon. Here’s a guy who had everything and went off the deep end and caused the destruction of the entire nation for his actions.

    As for babies going automatically to heaven, well… I don’t know where that information comes from. I know the catholics (my family is catholic on both sides) believe an unbaptized child goes into ”limbo” until a ransom is paid to the priest. However, a baptized baby will go to heaven straight away. I don’t like either of those fishy beliefs. Actually I don’t like any of the teachings the catholics push on their flock. It’s an evil religion (with a few nice-hearted people in attendance) if you ask me.

    I remember when I was about 7 or 8 my mom was telling me a story about my uncle who was shot in the buttocks in Italy during WWII. She thought it was very entertaining. I kinda looked at her and asked if my uncle was catholic. She said yes. I asked if he was Italian like her. She answered in the afirmative. Then I said to her that if an Italian catholic can go to Italy and get shot by other Italian catholics on the other side and their god approved of it I wanted nothing to do with this god. well, she was stunned. but it’s only logical.

    Religion is one of those crucibles where noses come to a point and people lose all sense of logic the rational so I will end here. however, I really enjoy your blog and given my schedule I can’t read or write as much as I like but I always try to find time for you…


    • As always, Tom, a very thought-provoking comment. Not everyone I’ve ever known from a Catholic background knows as much about the Bible as you do.

      I think the idea of babies going straight to heaven is based on the idea that a person doesn’t fully comprehend right and wrong until he or she reaches a certain age–different age for everyone–and therefore is not held accountable for his or her actions until then. I’m not sure what the Bible says that suggests that idea, however.

      I really appreciate your keeping up with my blog. I don’t know how many people actually follow it, but I enjoy your comments so much I’d gladly keep doing it even if I thought you were my only reader.

      Oh, and how are you doing with Pastor Gus:


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