This Global Warming Is Freezing Me!

I just got back from a quick trip to the grocery store, and I sure was glad I don’t ride motorcycles anymore.

I wore the next-to-the-warmest coat I own and a hat my wife crocheted for me. Normally very snug clothing when the temps are lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


But I’m not sure I’d ever been so cold in that outfit that I wished I’d worn more. The 25 degrees Fahrenheit was bad enough, but the wind was ferocious. I just checked the wind chill: 12 degrees.

I have a parka that’s heavier than my normal low-temp coat, but I never wear it unless snow is falling or lying on the ground. Somehow that seems like the appropriate time to wear it.


But when I go to church tonight for Bible study, I’m resorting to the parka–with no apologies to my wife, who likes to tease me when I wear the “Nanook coat.”

Would somebody tell me, please, what’s going on with this supposed global warming that the government insists will finish off planet earth unless it’s turned back? A number of respected scientists believe the climate variations we’re experiencing are normal, not an ultimate threat to the planet, and insist that “warming” is totally inaccurate.

I agree. The global warming just about froze me today.

What’s your opinion? Is global warming real? Or is it a hoax that allows politicians to invest in and make millions of dollars in the process? Please leave a comment.


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2 thoughts on “This Global Warming Is Freezing Me!

  1. the fact that global warming became politicized prior to the collection of relatively complete data is the only reason the hypothesis has not been abandoned completely. tweaking the hypothesis to lessen the degree of falsification from the data set is NOT scientific method.

    politics surely still plays a role in this fiasco, but, don’t forget, at this point many an academic and bureaucratic career depends upon the ever-changing interpretation of the computer models perpetuating the ever-changing hypothesis.

    the climate is certainly changing (all climate research indicates it has never ceased changing), but the only science that clings to the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming at this point is , maybe, computer science, not climate research.

    just my 2 cents.


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