Farewell, Famous Dave’s

Alas, the 2014 Christmas season saw the passing of one of our favorite restaurants, Famous Dave’s across the street from the Regal Cinema at Virginia Center Commons.

We understand that the employees didn’t know about the closing until they arrived at work one day and read the note on the door. I’ll bet they weren’t any too happy. Not only to find themselves unemployed at the beginning of the new year, but to be told in such an impersonal and uncaring way.

My assumption is that the management didn’t have the guts to let his employees down gently and thoughtfully. Then again, who’s to say that he knew in time to do that? I could easily see him getting word from some out-of-town higher up sometime after closing on what turned out to be the final night. An out-of-town higher up who didn’t have the courage to treat the local manager properly.

I really enjoyed their grilled chicken sandwich, among other things. Kathleen normally had their ribs. I especially liked their jalapeno flavored mac ‘n’ cheese, and both of us loved the grilled pineapple they used to have on their menu.

One of my biggest regrets is we never sat at the single very tall table that offered special deals to anyone who sat there.

We didn’t get to know the servers at Famous Dave’s as well we’ve done at some of our other favorite eating places. Nonetheless, they always made us feel at home.

I’ll miss seeing those cute t-shirts. The only saying I can recall at the moment said, “PIG — Very important pig.” I wonder how many employees have shredded their t-shirts in anger.

That’s about all I have to say. We still have a good BBQ place nearby–Q Barbeque. But I can’t get my chicken sandwich there. Or my mac ‘n’ cheese. Or those grilled pineapple slices.

Have you lost a favorite restaurant–or maybe a favorite retail store? How did you feel when you learned of its closing? Please share a comment.


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2 thoughts on “Farewell, Famous Dave’s

  1. Don’t know of Famous Dave’s but I’ve had my share of favorite restaurants that went away sadly. One of my favorites was a Greek Restaurant that made the absolute best gyro in the observable universe. The owner was Greek and wanted to retire and returned to Greece , leaving his several offspring to continue the biz. Well, It lasted a couple of months and for lack of common sense it was forced to close. I was heartbroken. But not as much as when I was rejected by this beatiful pricess I obsessed about in high school.

    What really galls me to the doctor is not so much a closing of a favorite place but, rather, when a favorite place just stops selling the thing I like best. Or change the resipe. I am a Ceasar salad aficionado and my twin and I go to extremes to try new places to see how good their Ceasars are. There was this place in Houston that did a tableside Ceasar and it was, if you ask my astute opinion, the finest Ceasars of all. I had no trouble shelling out the high price for it because as I was eating it I felt as if I’d entered into a wormhole and was transported to another planet when everything was blue and nice and people threw money at you. Almost as wonderful as a dark chocolate candy makes me feel. Then, one day, as if the sun rose in the west, they stopped doing tableside and would just make a batch in the kitchen. It was heartbreaking. It still smarts to think about it. If I ever murder someone and want a last meal I want that Ceasar salad. I won’t feel the rope or the snap.


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