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Somewhere in the Bible’s Old Testament you’ll find the words “He who has ears, let him hear.” Or something close to that. I’m not always a perfect Bible quoter, and I’m even worse at remembering exactly where any given verse is found.

Although my father has been dead since 1993, one of the things I remember best about him is the fact that he wore hearing aids for a number of years prior to his death. Judging by my mother’s complaints about still having to repeat everything, either they didn’t do much good or he failed to have them in all of the time.

Probably fifteen years ago–maybe longer–I realized that not everyone was actually mumbling. And I was asking for people to repeat themselves more and more often. Not good. I was only middle-aged then.

I’d never priced hearing aids seriously, but I’d noticed the prices in Costco and figured I’d better start saving.

Funny how that money I kept setting aside always ending up going for something I considered far less important. But that’s another story. One I don’t plan on sharing here.

I’m not sure why I ended up going to Beltone, but I did. In fact, my wife accompanied me. She knew I’d forget most of the important details by the time I got home if she didn’t come.

We were both well impressed with the testing and the Beltone products, and we ended up taking out a loan from my credit union to buy a pair. Not the most expensive by far. Closer to the least expensive.

Such an improvement! Well worth the investment.

But as I got used to wearing them–and as the years passed–I realized that hearing aids only help. They are no substitute for good natural hearing.

I wouldn’t enjoy life nearly as much without my hearing aids, but more and more I have to accept the fact that I’ll never hear anything quite the way it probably actually sounds.

I’m back to thinking that some people are mumbling and asking folks to repeat things again. Not as bad as before, but–at sixty-eight–would investing in new hearing aids be worth it? I doubt seriously that anyone receiving them as a bequest from my will would have any use for them.

Or should I try something other than Beltone? There are cheaper, but are they equally good? I don’t know.

But I do know that if I want to keep writing, playing, and listening to music, I may have to bite the bullet and do some serious investigating.

Any opinions or advice? Please leave a comment.


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