My Legacy


Some years ago I wrote a song called “What Will You Leave Behind?” While I don’t dwell on the subject of legacies constantly, I do think about it fairly often. Especially as I advance in age.

One thing for sure. Unless something drastic happens, my financial legacy won’t be measured in millions of dollars. Or even in the upper thousands. My wife and I have everything we need, but we’re in no way well-to-do in earthly terms. So, girls, you’d best earn your own money, since you’re not going to get rich on your mom and me.

But financial legacies are only a small part of what we leave behind. Often the least important part.

I’ve long since concluded that my most important legacy as a Christian is the books and songs I’ve written. And will continue to write as long as God permits me to.

I pray nightly for my readers–past, present, and future. I pray for God’s help in writing what He wants others to read, and I pray that His message will be clear to my readers in their individual needs and circumstances. And I pray that I will continue to improve in my writing and in writing about only what God wants me to write about.

That’s why the release of my third novel on Tuesday, November 23, is so important to me. The Devil and Pastor Gus (see the tentative cover at the top of the page) tells the story of a middle aged man determined to leave a Christian legacy in the form of a novel ridiculing the Devil for his foolish pride.

In the process of feigning friendship with Satan to get back story for his novel, Gus’s prologue is unwittingly published in a popular Christian magazine. Aware now that Pastor Gus has played him for a fool, the Devil sets out to destroy Gus’s life in every way possible. As if killing Gus’s wife and unborn baby aren’t enough, Satan tricks Gus into thinking that signing a contract for his soul is the only way he can save his church.

I won’t tell you the rest of the story, but suffice it to say that Gus knows he’s made a terrible mistake. He can’t undo it, though. The question is whether he can beat the Devil at his own game…or whether God’s mercy is greater than Gus can imagine.

Uh, let’s see…where was I? Oh, yes. Talking about my novels and songs as my legacies.

I can’t say that I have any personal experience with the Devil, but Gus and I are a lot alike in wanting to leave a legacy that will affect Christians in profound ways for years to come. I’ll write other novels if God permits me to. But The Devil and Pastor Gus is what I tend to view as my ultimate legacy. Not necessarily my best book. Not necessarily my most popular one. But the one God will use to make a difference in a number of lives.

What better legacy could I want than that?

What legacy are you leaving to your survivors? Please share a comment.


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I have another blog, “As I Come Singing.” I use it to share the lyrics of the almost 200 songs I’ve written over the past fifty years. You may see it HERE. You’ll also find free lead sheets (music, lyrics, chords) for many of them HERE.

If you’re interested in seeing more about The Devil and Pastor Gus or pre-ordering the book, GO HERE.

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