From the Mountain to the Desert

I’ve shared several posts about our recent vacation in San Diego, California, and I’m sure I could write a number more. You’d probably tire of them long before I would.

But let me share one more–for now.

One day, our friends Tom and Genean took us for a ride east from San Diego (actually Carlsbad) for a day in the mountains. I’m quite used to mountains in the eastern part of the United States–the Smokies and the Blue Ridge Mountains–but what we saw was quite different. Much rockier, as you can see. The mountains are bare of trees, unless they’ve been planted. And even a rocky mountainside may have graffiti. And when I say rocky, I mean BIG rocks.

Dsc_9210    Dsc_9217    Dsc_9231

Along the way, we passed a number of orchards. Quite a contrast to the rest of the terrain. We never did find out what the worker on the tall ladder was doing.

Dsc_9204    Dsc_9207

We off-roaded down the mountainside. Quite a bumpy experience, but there was only one place–maybe two–where we were actually VERY near a steep drop. Not good for my acrophobia, but we survived.

Dsc_9234     Dsc_9238

The vegetation was pretty desert-like even in the mountains. Check out the cactus my wife is standing by and the tumbleweed.

Dsc_9249    Dsc_9248

Our goal for the day was a town called Julian, famous for apple pies made from local apples. But wouldn’t you know everything there (practically) closed at 5:00 and we were too late for the place we really wanted to go to for a slice each. So we went to the grocery and bought a whole local pie to take home and gorge twice as much on. Sorry my pictures don’t include the pie.

Dsc_9253    Dsc_9254

On the drive home, we stopped to enjoy the sunset.


No way I could do our visit to the mountains and desert justice with these pictures, but it should give you a flavor of the day. More of these pictures are available HERE.

Any comments? I’d love to hear ’em. Please share.


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