Two Maria Von Trapps & Two’s Company

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Everyone remembers The Sound of Music. Right? And most of you probably know that the Trapp family was real.

I read an interesting article today in the Movieguide email-out about the death of Maria Von Trapp earlier this year. At age ninety-nine. But this Maria wasn’t the one Julie Andrews portrayed in the movie.

This Maria, the last surviving member of the musical family, was a daughter “of delicate health” the nun Maria was brought in to tutor. Eventually she helped–and fell in love with–the whole family.

As a family, they made the decision to flee Austria, even though it meant giving up their wealth. They didn’t become an instant hit in the United States with their singing. Eventually settling in Vermont, they opened the Von Trapp Family Lodge. At that time, both Marias were still living. The former nun died in 1987.

Thus the two Maria Von Trapps in the title of this post. But who or what is “Two’s Company,” and how does it relate to the Von Trapps?

One year during the early-to-mid 1970s, I wandered down to Long Wharf in Cambridge, MD, where a duo called Two’s Company was presenting a concert as part of the First Baptist Church’s annual Sunday night in August series. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleased to find that Mike and Sally Hendon were an attractive young couple who made wonderful music together.

Sally played flute and sang, and Mike played guitar and sang. As strange as it might sound, I was so taken by them that I invited them to come home with me for a while. They accepted, and that began a lengthy friendship. Mike and Sally really liked some of my songs and even did a very nice home recording of one of them.

They only spent part of each year on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, however. During the winter, they performed at the Trapp Family Lodge. That fascinated me. Just imagine: working daily in the presence of the real (elder) Maria Von Trapp.

She exerted quite an influence on their music. If I recall correctly, they did two sets a night. Maria wanted classical music during the dinner hour, and Mike and Sally created some wonderful arrangements for flute and guitar. They did pop songs during their later set.

After years of being out of touch, I reconnected with Mike on Facebook. He and Sally are no longer together, but he’s still playing music. I don’t know whether he’s still at the Von Trapp Lodge. Guess I need to ask him, huh?

Have any of you ever been to the Trapp Lodge? Or run into Two’s Company elsewhere? Or just want to share some other thoughts on this subject? Please leave a comment.


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