Ted Baehr and Family-Friendly Movies

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My wife and I are very particular about what we watch. That’s why we use our TV only to watch DVDs and the small number of programs we approve of (using Apple TV; we don’t have cable) .

During the first eight or nine years of our marriage, we probably didn’t go the movies more than eight or ten times, and we rarely recognize the names of movies that have been nominated for Academy Awards.  We don’t even know the names of more than a few of the actors who’re popular today.

I think you get the idea. We’re conservative and we don’t allow ourselves to be swayed by pop culture.

A few years ago, I attended a writers’ conference which Dr. Ted Baehr was one of the keynote speakers for. Dr. Baehr is the Chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, whose purpose is to clean up the media–some of you are old enough to remember when blatant sex, language, and violence weren’t a problem yet–and to encourage the production of wholesome entertainment.

He awards yearly Teddy Awards to media people who deserve recognition and publishes  Movieguide, which gives very specific information about current and upcoming movies, as well as movies being released on DVD. Not only does each review give ratings for language, violence, and sex, it gives specifics. For example, the number of times objectionable language is used and the type–e.g., vulgarity, light, profanity.

Yes, Movieguide is conservative. It’s supposed to be. A parent following Movieguide’s reviews won’t make the mistake of taking her child to see something inappropriate. Or of going to see something she’ll be shocked to find offensive.

Thanks to Ted Baehr and others like him, Hollywood has seen a number of small, church-produced Christian films become hits. The folks in Hollywood have finally had to admit that clean, decent movies sell tickets and are jumping on the bandwagon.

Just in the last five or six months, my wife and I have probably averaged a movie a month because so many more decent movies are being released now–and we haven’t gone to see all of the ones that Movieguide had recommended. Among those we’ve seen are “God’s Not Dead,” “Heaven’s for Real,” “The Son of God,” and–most recently–“The Identical.”

We avoided “Noah” because Movieguide (and other sources) made clear that it deviated rather severely from the biblical account of the flood.

Not all of the movies Movieguide recommends are blatantly Christian. A movie may strongly represent Christian values without preaching and salvation being involved.

What kind of movies and TV shows do you watch? Do the language, sex, and violence on TV offend you or do you simply tolerate it? Please leave a comment and tell us what you think.


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