The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Done (Recently)

Dsc_6540     dryingOut

Yesterday we had a downpour. I mean we had INCHES of rain. While the flash flood in our neighborhood didn’t quite match the one pictured above in 2013, it came close.

But this year I made a mistake I didn’t make last year. I left my sun roof open when I got home from my morning run to Sonic for the diet cherry limeade that lasts me all day. I didn’t intend to leave it open, of course. And, obviously, it wasn’t raining yet.

Well, the rains came. And they kept up a vicious-sounding downpour for quite some time. I was glad to be indoors, nice and dry. The rain on the roof was so loud I had to turn up the volume of the stereo quite a few notches to keep listening to the music.

By the time my wife got home for lunch–she’d had to wait for the rain to lighten up enough to get out to the car–barely a drizzle remained. She didn’t even need the raincoat I took to the car when she got home.

I didn’t bother to look at my car, which was parked beside it. Why should I?

The flood receded, but we had more rain later that afternoon. Not nearly as much, thank goodness.

But the sky looked threatening. We knew we couldn’t safely do our evening two-mile walk in the neighborhood. We’d have to drive to the mall, about a mile down the road.

I went outside first. Something didn’t look right about my car. The sun roof was open. I hadn’t been anywhere since my trip to Sonic, so I knew it had been open all day.

No telling what I would face when I opened the door. I had visions of multiple gallons of water gushing out.

I peered through the driver’s side window. No standing water.

I unlocked the door and knelt on the driver’s seat. Definitely soaked. The carpet would certainly be soaked as well, but I figured that would dry out eventually.

Would you believe the only problem I needed to deal with was three or four inches of water standing in the two-cup drink holder between the front seats? Not surprising. That was right under the open sun roof.

So I closed the sun roof and went in the house for a small cup and a couple of junk towels. Taking care of the drink holder proved a LOT easier than I’d expected, and I was thankful for that.

No rain expected today, so I have the car completely open to let it start drying out.

I’ll never fail to close that sun roof again. Next time could be worse.

Gee. Confessing to my dumbness in leaving the sun roof open wasn’t too painful. Maybe I’ll tell you about the previous dumbest thing I’d done. But not today.

Are you willing to share your dumbest thing? If so, please leave a comment. Let me assure you that it’s not apt to be too embarrassing. After all, none of us is perfect.


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