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If the desire for peace and quiet at this stage of my life should ever be declared sinful, I’m not sure I’d be able to repent of it. After all, repentance means recognizing that one is doing wrong and then turning in the opposite direction. No way am I going to voluntarily accept noise in my life now. Not noise I can choose to do without, anyhow.

My wife and I both came from backgrounds where the television set was on all the time. We hated it, although we both had shows we watched. We decided from the outset of our marriage plans that we couldn’t live with that kind of distraction during whatever years we might have together. So we don’t watch television.

We do have a TV set, however. Just for watching DVDs. Although we have a good collection of decent movies, we actually use Netflix and Apple TV to follow programs that have been recommended to us by people whose tastes match ours. So we watched all of Monk, almost all of CSI, and are alternating now between Bones and Castle. I must admit we rejoice when a favored show finally bites the dust; then we can change to something else.

Yes, some of those shows are noisy at times. But at least we can turn the volume down or turn them off whenever we want to. We watch no more than one show per day–during supper. Other people might protest that we should be spending that time with one another, but we have the rest of the evening to do that.

And what a wonderfully quiet evening it is. I have numerous classical recordings on my laptop, and I generally pick something I think we’ll both like and stream it via bluetooth to the stereo. Then we spend the evening doing things that are equally quiet and peaceful. Kathleen crochets or reads, I read or work on one of my novels, and we play Words with Friends with one another from opposite ends of the sofa.

Boy! Aren’t we the noisy couple!

We live in a nice peaceful neighborhood, too. No rowdy kids or adults…at least nowhere near our place.

I’d like to believe the peace and quiet we enjoy so much is a preview of Heaven, which I’m confident will not have telephones or TV sets. And probably only a smattering of politicians, for that matter.

What about you? Do you need quiet as much as we do? Do you have problems dealing with noise? Please drop a comment here and let everyone else know what you think.


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