Blatant Self-Promotion?

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If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you probably realize that I haven’t tried to sell you any of my novels. But that doesn’t mean I won’t share information about my writing, especially if it’s something new. Something I’m excited about.

Let’s back up a few years. Like from the 1970s until the early 2000s. I wrote a bunch of stuff. Songs. Poems. Short plays. A short story or two. Several short plays. A couple of dramatic monologues. Even an essay. And let’s not leave out all the articles I wrote for newsletters at the places where I worked.

A number of those things even got published. Some in a local newspaper. Some in a free local magazine. And some even made it into some Southern Baptist periodicals–for a small amount of money! Wow!

But when I started to focus on writing novels, which I’d never done before, I quit writing those other kinds of works. And didn’t pay much attention to those I’d already written.

Then, when I created my current website, I wanted to give people a sample of the whole me, if you know what I mean. Sure, I’m no longer a poet or a playwright, and I’m barely a songwriter anymore, either. But those writings represent me just as much as my novels do.

So I put some of those old works on my website. The best I can tell, people have been reading them. Wonderful!

Now flash forward to a couple of weeks ago when I went to a writers conference in western North Carolina. One class I took was on self-publishing, and it confirmed what I’d been wondering about. There was no reason for me not to gather some of those older materials under a single umbrella and create a small print book. Also, the Kindle version of the same book.

So I did. The first two pictures above are of the print book. The third is the front of the Kindle version. I took the picture of the iris, by the way, and I wish I could’ve used the Kindle front for the print cover.

I’m not really concerned about making money from this book. I’m more concerned about having a positive influence on the people who read it. I also want to use it as a thank you to people who, for example, endorse my novels. Maybe even as a prize for a website-related contest.

Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

Now, you may not have any interest in my older writing–or my current writing, either, for that matter–and that’s fine. I won’t even tease you about not knowing what you’re missing.

But if you are interested, please take a gander at Amazon. The Kindle book is here. The print book is here.

So…what do you think? I’d love to have a comment here. Better yet, a review on Amazon.


I’ll be back again on Wednesday. If you’d like to receive my posts by email, just go to the top right of this page where it says, “Follow Blog via Email.”

By the way, “On Aging Gracelessly” isn’t my only blog. I use “As I Come Singing” to post lyrics of the Christian songs I’ve written over the last fifty years. Free lead sheets (tune, words, and chords) are available for many of them. Check here to see the list. And uf you’re interested in that blog, please go here.

Best regards,

4 thoughts on “Blatant Self-Promotion?

  1. most of the works worth reading fall into this category-

    “I’m more concerned about having a positive influence on the people who read it.”


  2. Roger, some folks have absolutely no clue how to compose a sentence let alone a paragraph… I am amazed at people I know who have graduated from COLLEGE and do not understand basic sequencial order of thought… . In my line of work cooking blogs can be terrible… unreadable… some of these are by famous chefs who just can’t seem to draw me in or else expell me to some thicket of confusion… one of the reasons I like to read your blog is because it is readable… not just the interesting content… but the clean flow of ideas and the fact that it is tied together nicely… so keep up the good work… I will fire p my KINDLE and check you out…


  3. Tom, that means a LOT to me. I have the same problem with many of the photographers at the Ugly Hedgehog…especially with spelling! I think you’ll recognize several of the writings in the book as having been in Combing the Shores way back when.


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