I Hate Exercising…But Walking Is Okay


Before our local American Family Fitness place moved from its temporary location across from Victoria’s Secret, my wife and I used to walk by, look through the windows, and marvel at the things people will do to get/stay fit and get/stay trim. Who enjoys pain, anyhow?

Now that the AFF has moved into its permanent location, there are no windows for us to look through, but we can see a parking lot that is FULL of cars that we assume brought willing sufferers to do whatever.

Sorry, folks. That’s not us. We hate exercising as such, but we appreciate the need to do something to help keep us healthy. Walking seems to fill the bill.

I started walking maybe twenty years ago when a female coworker must have noticed that I was a little bit too, uh, oversized. (Not that she said so, of course.) But she invited me to start walking at lunchtime with her, and I really enjoyed it. Walking partners changed periodically over the years, but I remained a faithful walker until a group at work started doing a lunchtime exercise class to Leslie Sansone’s “Walk Away the Pounds.”

Okay. Still walking. So to speak. But I gave it a try and decided I liked it. Being the only guy in the class didn’t make me feel strange, thank goodness. I’d once been the only one in an aerobics class I took with my ex-.

By the time I was downsized from that company, I had several of Leslie Sansone’s DVDs, although I don’t know that I was as faithful about using them as I’d been when I was part of a group.

Long story short, I finally ended up walking again. Real walking. Our home is located on a circle that’s just about exactly half a mile around. So four laps make two miles. Perfect.

Of course, weather gets in the way at times. But the mall that’s just a mile up the road is about a mile around on the inside, so two laps does it there.

Until my doctor diagnosed me with diabetes, I wasn’t very faithful about walking three times a week. But his diagnosis scared me into a routine I’ve followed faithfully for more than two years now.

My wife walks with me four times a week, and I do an extra day by myself.

If you want to protest that walking doesn’t exercise every part of the body that would benefit from it, I won’t argue. I’ll just remind you that I hate exercise and am pleased to be doing this much to remain healthy.

Do you exercise? How much? How often? And WHY?  Please leave a comment.


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