Taking a Stand…or a Chance?

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Today I took a public stand on something controversial. Not my normal thing to do, I can assure you.

With other members of my church, I attended a pro-marriage rally outside the Richmond Court of Appeals while lawyers inside debated the legality of gay marriage. I even held one of the signs made available to rally-ers.

I took a number of pictures with my little Canon pocket camera, came home and edited them, and posted them on Facebook. I concluded my album heading with these words: “I believe strongly in what the Bible teaches, but I recognize and accept the right of others to express an opposing opinion.”

Within minutes I received a strong opposing comment from a gay Facebook friend. Because I respect this fellow as a human being without regard to his sexual orientation, I had hesitated to even post the album in the first place. I knew I would be taking a chance of alienating him and a couple of other people who are even closer to me than he is.

I concluded that the best way to validate my beliefs is by sharing them. Fearlessly, but respectfully. Why should I have to be afraid of alienating others by simply stating what I believe? Especially when I’m not putting them down in the process?

Please note that one of the pictures above shows some rally-ers from the “other side.” This post is NOT about homosexuality per se, but about freedom of speech. And about being true to one’s convictions.

Please take a look at my Facebook album and tell me if you think I’m wrong to exert my freedom of speech the way I have. But even if you think I’m far-right wrong, I’d like to think we can disagree respectfully.

I promise to respect your opinion, anyhow.


Please leave a comment if something in this post has spoken to you. I’ll be back again on Wednesday. If you’d like to receive my posts by email, just go to “Follow Blog via Email” at the upper right.

By the way, “On Aging Gracelessly” isn’t my only blog. I use “As I Come Singing”check it out here—to post lyrics of the Christian songs I’ve written over the last fifty years. Free lead sheets (tune, words, and chords) are available for many of them. Check here to see the list.

Best regards,

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